Prospect Street Plan Scaled Down

By Jano Tantongco

Plans to build at 30 Prospect St. in Huntington Village will require less parking relief than anticipated after the developer presented scaled back plans to the Huntington Zoning Board of Appeals last week.

Stephen Waldorf, a partner for the property, said Wednesday that “it just made sense to scale it down” in order to keep the building in line with the character of downtown Huntington.

The plan now calls for a three-story mixed-use building with a 6,400-square-foot footprint, which is pictured in a rendering. There is office space planned, along with 11 apartments planned -- seven on the second floor and four on the third floor. Nine of the apartments will be one-bedrooms, with the rest being two-bedrooms.

Original plans called for a building with a 7,492-square-foot footprint, including 14 apartments, as well as both commercial and office space.

“We got together with a team of people… talked about the ideals of what would fit within that street,” said Waldorf, who is a managing partner of Waldorf Risk Solutions, which had an office at 30 Prospect St. prior to an August 2014 fire that closed the building. “Effectively, what we tried to do is make it look and feel within the street as more of a residential type of feel to it.”

Town code requires the revised plan to provide 44 parking spots. However, the developer is seeking relief from the ZBA since only 35 parking spaces are accounted for with the on-site parking lot.

According to Waldorf, the on-site parking lot will be open to the public after 5 p.m., and on weekends. However, overnight use would be restricted only to tenants.

No tenants have yet lined up for the planned apartments, Waldorf added.