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For 179 years, The Long-Islander has been Huntington’s go-to source for all the goings-on of the township. One of Long Island’s liveliest towns, the Town of Huntington always offers another stone to overturn, and story to tell.

We thank you for your interest in The Long-Islander, the position below is currently available.

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Newspaper journalists, as the term suggests, are news professionals who gather information, conduct research and write news pieces about various topics, such as politics, economics, world events, crime, trade, sport, entertainment, culture, travel and so much more. In addition to researching and reporting on actual events, newspaper journalists also work on articles and features which inform and influence public opinion.

We are looking for contributors who will be paid on a per article basis on stories pertaining to Huntington NY ONLY. Please do not send us articles about a friend in Long Beach or a business in New Jersey! We are a Huntington paper and focus on our town and readers.

We are also looking for people local to Huntington who would like to contribute photographs and stories Huntington for consideration to be published on our web page.

We hold all to the highest standard of journalism. If you want to be considered, please fill out the information below and an email a sample of your writing to We only consider paying for items we publish. All submissions become property of the Long Islander News and its affiliates. Items submitted will not be returned whether used or not.

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