Smyth Asks Residents To ‘Pick Six’


Councilman Ed Smyth is spearheading a town wide effort to reduce litter by picking up six pieces of trash each day.

A town board member is leading the charge in an effort to keep Huntington clean.

Huntington Councilman Ed Smyth hosted a press conference Jan. 24 unveiling his anti-litter initiative, “Pick Six.”

Smyth is asking Huntington residents and visitors alike to “pick six” and help to clean up litter strewn around town. The idea is for every person in Huntington to pick up six pieces of litter each day.

“Protecting the environment is critically important.  We cannot lose sight of big picture concerns like global warming and clean drinking water,” Smyth said. “These issues require global attention, but everyone can act on a local level on a daily basis.  It starts with cleaning up the litter right in front of you.”

Smyth said by solving the “small picture,” like the litter found on sidewalks and in parks, residents can make Huntington a cleaner and more environmentally friendly place to live, work and visit. In small ways an individual can help address a global concern.

“Do it every day. Make it habitual,” Smyth said. “We can all make a difference.”