Hush Brings American Soul Food To Huntington

By Connor Beach

The second location of Hush Bistro is now open in Huntington Village at 46 Gerard Street. The restaurant is part of the Reststar Hospitality Group that includes Bistro Cassis and Café Buenos Aires in Huntington Village. The restaurant opened on Aug. 15 at the former location of Salumeria Pomodoro.

Brothers and co-owners Eric, 47, and Jason, 38, Machado said they are excited to bring the Hush Brand into Huntington. Hush Bistro’s original location is on Main Street in Farmingdale.

 “We are soul food with a vibe and the type of food that you are only going to find from a chef like Marc,” Jason said. “When Marc talks about his type of food, American soul, he says the food speaks for itself.”

“American Soul” is what the Machados say to describe the style of the food at Hush. Award-winning chef Marc Anthony Bynum, 33, created the menu of authentic soul food, with a certain elevation. The menu includes traditional soul food classics, but all have modern twist that makes the dining experience unique.

“Marc grew up with that food in his background, so there is a lot of authenticity in what Marc does” Jason said. “But we like to mix in with that some things that have a French influence, like a duck leg confit.”

The restaurant has seating for 56 inside, not including a small bar at the rear of the space that can seat seven additional patrons.

Randy Warren of Syosset, the manager of Hush’s new location, said that he has received “rave” reviews from custumers in the short time that the restaurant has been opened.

The restaurant boosts an extraordinary craft cocktail menu that includes a variety of mules and juleps. The Machados credit their bartenders’ skill and inventiveness in the drink making process.

 “They are real mixologists creating cocktails that are so different from what everyone else is serving,” Jason said.

The Machados highlighted the use of fresh herbs in some of their craft cocktails, including the Floridora ($14) which is made from gin, lime, grapefruit, basil, and maraschino.

On to the food…

Corn Bread and Biscuits ($9) is a soul food staple that Bynum elevates at Hush by including maple and brown sugar butter.

Under “Plates” the St. Louis Ribs ($16) are a specialty of Chef Bynum and were featured on Oprah. The ribs are served with a chipotle barbecue sauce and a pickled watermelon rind. The tangy barbecue sauce complements the delicious bark on the ribs that holds a rub of seasonings. The bark on the meat gives an almost sweet flavor that works well with the savory ribs.

In “Sides” the Foie Tots ($11) are tater tots made of potato mixed with foie gras, or duck liver, and served with a side of homemade horseradish sauce. The crunchy outside of the tot gives way to a rich creamy interior. The horseradish sauce adds a kick, but also provides a cool refreshing aspect to the dish.

The creativity in the food separates Hush from other restaurants in the crowded Huntington market place. The food and atmosphere at Hush is elevated compared to similar places in Huntington, according to Eric. The décor and the playful food give the place a “sexy” vibe that is a lot of fun.

“There is no way to box us in when we are an American restaurant, so it gives us the freedom to create whatever we want.”