Food Network To Feature Native And Firehouse In Episode

Melville Fire Department Assistant Chief David Kaplan, Ashley Foxen and Chief Jason Bernfeld with some cupcakes .    Photos by Steve Silverman

Melville Fire Department Assistant Chief David Kaplan, Ashley Foxen and Chief Jason Bernfeld with some cupcakes. Photos by Steve Silverman

By Janee Law

Members of the Melville Fire Department received a sweet treat this summer, when Ashley Foxen, a Cold Spring Harbor native and owner of Reality Bites Cupcakes, selected the firehouse as the filming location of an upcoming Food Network show.

While members of the fire department didn’t get to take part in the filming, which took place in the firehouse’s kitchen, they did get to try the barbecue-themed cupcakes that Foxen crafted, said Assistant Chief David Kaplan. Foxen brought out the cupcakes to firefighters and their families after six hours of filming.

“They filmed the whole thing in the kitchen, then they marched outside and presented us with the cupcakes as a thank you for everything we do,” Kaplan said.

Filming for the half hour episode began at 2 p.m. and wrapped up by 8 p.m.

To go along with the cupcakes, Melville firefighters cooked up a barbecue for nearly 100 people that attended. Chief Jason Bernfeld and Foxen unveiled the cupcakes, which were designed and shaped to look like hamburgers, hot dogs, French fries and lobster rolls.

Kaplan said the barbecue themed cupcakes looked realistic. “Not only did they taste good, they were the best looking cupcakes that we’ve ever seen.”

Foxen, who is the subject of the pilot episode, selected the Melville firehouse because she wanted to give back to the township where she grew up, Kaplan said.

Foxen began Reality Bites Cupcakes out of her Manhattan apartment with a unique focus that caters to crafting cupcakes that can mirror egg sandwiches, ice cream cones, pizza, pancakes, sushi, high heals, a deck of cards, engagement rings, lattes and more. She strives to create personalized cupcakes for birthdays, special occasions and corporate events.

Food Network officials wouldn’t release the air date or the name of the show, but it is expected to debut early next year, according to fire officials.