My Mother, My Influence

By Louise Rexer-Smith


I’ve only been a mother for 10 and a half years. When you are a mother to young children, I think it’s rather common that you constantly draw upon your childhood, trying to recall how “they” did it. There are days when finding a parallel is as clear as mud. As a child, my greatest distraction was an ill-functioning Atari and a never-ending game of freeze tag with our neighbors. Now we have constant pings, glowing screens and endless commitments. There are moments when nothing feels familiar. No matter the generational and technological differences, I recently and jubilantly realized there are three constants; love, compassion and hard work.

My mother, a mother of eight distinctly remarkable children, taught all of us how to love each other unconditionally; how to give selflessly to those less fortunate; and how to work tirelessly at everything we do. When I reflect on my siblings and where they all are today, I see those strengths. The ability to persevere, to push oneself for what is right and just, and to act with love and kindness, these are all lessons from my mother. She taught us that no matter the cost, education was of the utmost importance and to never let the price tag keep you from pursuing it. The worst answer isn’t no, it’s not getting an answer because you didn’t apply yourself. She truly exemplifies the motto, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” She showed us that obstacles are often unpredictable but with great faith, endless effort, a good dose of Vitamin C, and the love we share for each other, we could achieve anything.

As I draw upon the lessons I’ve learned in my short tenure as a mother, I am eternally grateful for our mother. While many people in this beautiful town rely on Francine Rexer for various reasons – fashion consultant, second mother, companionship, friendship, donated gift certificates, or simply an ear on a bad day – beyond all these roles she plays for so many, she is first and foremost, a remarkable mother.

Happy Mother’s Day, Francine Rexer, and thank you for these timeless lessons. You are a gem and very loved.


Louise Rexer-Smith is a marketing consultant in Houston, where she and her husband Chris are raising two of their daughters.