We Have Liftoff: Centerport Eagle Takes Flight

(Photo by Dimitri Pippis)

(Photo by Dimitri Pippis)

The first of two fledglings born to a pair of nesting bald eagles in Centerport has left the nest.

The parent eagles, named The Commodore and Mrs. Vanderbilt by a growing fan club of photographers and nature lovers, have been kept busy ferrying eel, fish, squirrel and other edibles to their brood of two since their two eggs hatched in early April.

The hatchlings have grown and during the past week photographers have chronicled the more athletic of the two stretching its wings and jumping from branch to branch.

This week, the fledgling left the nest and the eagle paparazzi were there, to the delight of 7,000-plus followers on a Facebook page (facebook.com/groups/baldeaglesofcenterportNY/).

Photographer Dimitri Pippis captured the above photo of the juvenile eagle taking flight.