Sail Away This May With Yacht Rock Revue

The ’70s light rock tribute band Yacht Rock Revue bring their set list of smooth hits to The Paramount early next month.

The ’70s light rock tribute band Yacht Rock Revue bring their set list of smooth hits to The Paramount early next month.

By Connor Beach

Tribute band Yacht Rock Revue is bringing its signature take on the light rock hits of the ’70s to The Paramount next month.

While the band has performed sold out shows across the country and played on stage with the likes of Walter Egan, Eddie Money and John Oates, Yacht Rock Revue’s lead singer Nick Niespodziani said the band got its start playing a regular Thursday night gig in an Atlanta club.

“The club gave us this gig and said we could do whatever we want… So we were doing all these different shows — just completely off the rails,” Niespodziani said. “One night we did yacht rock, and it was a huge hit.”

By 2010, as Yacht Rock Revue was “becoming legit,” Niespodziani, who was in law school at the time, and the other seven members of the band quit their day jobs, bought a van and began performing full time.

“Because we didn’t set out to do it we were able to just follow what resonated with the audience, and I think that contributed to our success,” Niespodziani said.

The term “yacht rock” was coined in 2005 and generally refers to the soft rock music of the mid-’70s to early ’80s.

Niespodziani said the “guys who invented the term” would say that the song “What A Fool Believes” by Michael McDonald defines the genre.

“I would agree that song is pretty important, but the other one I would put up there is ‘Africa’ by Toto — that’s the one song we aren’t going to get away without playing,” Niespodziani said.

Although Yacht Rock Revue has grown in popularity, Niespodziani said the “pretty wild swing” in the size of the gigs that the band plays “keeps them fresh.”

From private weddings to large shows at sold out venues, the music of Hall & Oates, Steely Dan and Kenny Loggins keeps Yacht Rock Revue’s mix of fans entertained.

“Our fans are a mix of people who loved this music since it first came out, and people who were conceived to this music when it first came out,” Niespodziani said. “There’s something about these songs that makes them timeless.”

As for What fans can expect at The Paramount when Yacht Rock Revue takes the stage,  Niespodziani said, “They’re going to feel like it’s 78 degrees, partly cloudy, they have a pina colada in their hand and they’re getting ready to jump on a boat with Ted Turner... It’s going to be an adventure.”

Doors open at 7 p.m. for the 8 p.m. show on Friday, May 4. Tickets for the show range from $20-$45, and can be purchased at the box office or online at