Living Offers One-Stop Shopping Experience

Susan Tamberino and Jenn Cassidy of Living in Cold Spring Harbor stand next to the businesses tree of life.   Long Islander News photos/Janee Law

Susan Tamberino and Jenn Cassidy of Living in Cold Spring Harbor stand next to the businesses tree of life. Long Islander News photos/Janee Law

By Janee Law

Living in Cold Spring Harbor is more than a clothing store. In fact, it is a one-stop-shop for customers, offering accessories and home décor.

“We like to consider this store a one-stop-shop for women,” Jenn Cassidy, buyer and manager of Living, said. “They really don’t need to go anywhere else. We have everything for you.”

Susan Tamberino, of Bay Shore, owns the 800-square-foot boutique, along with Samhal Life Design Group, which sits a floor below Living’s 123 Main St. space that spans 1,300 square feet. Living’s décor, furniture and fixture items are offered by the design group.

“We’re a unique boutique located in the heart of charming Cold Spring Harbor,” Cassidy said. “You can get gifts, jewelry, clothing, accessories, and home goods, and you can also go downstairs and have your entire house redone by a professional.”

A few years after its official opening five years ago, the boutique revamped to offer items for all types of customers.

“We have all different levels. We have some high-end things like White and Warren, Fairchild Baldwin necklaces and Miguel Ases jewelry,” Cassidy said. “We also have some more comfortable priced items in clothing like Lilla P, and in jewelry, like Nakamol.”

Cassidy said Living also promotes local brands, offering Gigi from Cold Spring Harbor and cooper & ella from Huntington.

“We try not to carry items that are in the mall,” Cassidy said. “We try to have unique items here and keep it with local designers.”

Living also combines business and philanthropy into one by offering items that raise funds for charities.

This includes selling the bracelet and necklace line Mishky. Brand products are handcrafted by Columbian women, and the proceeds help support these women to stay home with their children. Living also sells BitchStix, a face and body care company that helps raise funds for survivors of domestic abuse and sexual assault.

“We feel like it’s really important to give back and we have the opportunity to do that,” Cassidy said. “When we go to the shows, we look for all of the companies that have a mission and it’s important to us.”

She added that the boutique is always looking for new charities to support.

What makes Living stand out is its personal touch when helping customers, Tamberino said. She added what makes her job enjoyable is the customers and employees.

“What’s great about the staff that’s here is that their product knowledge is so great,” she said. “They know the fit of the clothes and they’re really great with knowing what product we have in.”

In regards to popular styles within the industry, Cassidy said what’s trending are spring colors like lavender and marigold. She said, “We’re trying to bring in a lot of the trendy items but mostly we try to stay classic with a few edgy trendy pieces.”

With that, Cassidy said she loves that her position gives her the opportunity to be innovative.

“I love the fact that I can be creative in the job, whether it be buying the clothes or doing the merchandising or the windows,” she said. “I love dressing people and building relationships with the clients.”

For the summer, Tamberino said the store will be launching items for entertaining outdoors, whether it be tumblers or colorful placemats.