Huntington Juicery Plans To Expand Organic Offerings

By Janee Law

Jacki Ho, Eileen Lesser and Andrea Witc, of Kala Luna Juicery, stand behind the counter to prepare the store for a day of customers.

Jacki Ho, Eileen Lesser and Andrea Witc, of Kala Luna Juicery, stand behind the counter to prepare the store for a day of customers.

With summer in full swing, Kala Luna Juicery in Huntington has become a popular hotspot for those looking to cleanse palates, or grab a healthy, refreshing drink to start the day.

“It’s about balance,” said manager Eileen Lesser, of Northport. “You don’t have to be one way all the time, but if you get healthy foods into your system you’re going to feel better.”

The 322 Main St. location offers juices, smoothies and grab-and-go foods like salads, noodle salads, acai bowls, wraps and sandwiches.

Lesser, 53, said customers enjoy creating their own juices or smoothies by writing their order on a provided card.

Customers can also pick from a variety of superfoods, including Gogi powder, hemp powder, spirulina powder and maca powder, which can be added to smoothies or used as toppings for acai bowls.

For the summer season, according to Lesser, customers have been enjoying the cold brew blast, which is made with Sail Away cold brew coffee, and Kala Luna’s juice cleanses, which consist of six juices per day for $50.

Owner Danny Passafaro, of Huntington, said the shop’s cold press juicer makes it stand out.

“There are organic juices in town, but we’re the only cold press juice and cold press gives you so much more nutritional value than a regular juicer,” Passafaro, 49, said.

When the business started in June 2015, it coupled yoga classes with healthy refreshments. Since then, however, Kala Luna has shifted its focus, providing customers with healthy prepared meals and refreshments.

“There’s tremendous amount of yoga studios in town and there are no other organic cold press juice places,” Passafaro said.

He added that there are plans to transform yoga studio at the 2,200-square-foot store into a market offering organic meals. The meals, which are prepared by Huntington-based chef Nino Antuzzi, owner of Red, Sapsuckers and Osteria da Nino, aren’t be cooked on-site.

“We’re really focusing on the juice and prepared meals to take with you so that it’s something you can buy on your way home and have for today and tomorrow,” Passafaro said. “I’m offering a new unique alternative.”

Along with adding more prepared foods, Kala Luna will allow customers to create their own noodle bowls, chopped salad or wraps, according to Lesser.

Lesser added that “the process that we use, and the quality of our product, will give you a better outcome” as the shop continues to grow.

Kala Luna Juicery

322 Main St., Huntington