Dedicated To Taking The Pain Away

By Janee Law

Daniel Picard, owner of Picard Chiropractic, stresses that chiropractic treatment is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Daniel Picard, owner of Picard Chiropractic, stresses that chiropractic treatment is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Whether it’s back pain, neck pain, carpal tunnel, sciatica, herniated discs, headaches and more, Picard Chiropractic provides quality service dedicated to take the pain away.

“I like the fact that chiropractic is hands on,” said Daniel Picard, D.C., 51, owner of the Huntington-based practice. “I was always more of the type of person that wanted to try to heal people without drugs or surgery.”

Picard offers chiropractic treatment, adjunctive therapies including ultrasound, electric muscle stimulation and moist heat.

The 3,000-square-foot 182 Main St. is also equipped with specialized tables that can accommodate pregnant women, a spinal decompression machine and cold laser treatment, which is a light therapy that stimulates cells to promote healing.

“Patient feedback has been great,” Picard, of Greenlawn, said. “I always encourage questions or concerns to be voiced… especially if they are unhappy with their treatment or feel they are not getting their expected results. To ignore it is counter productive.”

Raised in East Northport, Picard said because his parents always went to chiropractors, the idea to take on this profession was always on his mind.

He opened his own solo practice in 1992 on Wall Street in Huntington village before moving to the current location in 1998.

When the initial office opened up, Picard offered only chiropractic services. Now he also rents space in the facility to massage therapists, acupuncturists, pain management and psychotherapy services.

“It has truly become multi disciplinary,” Picard said. “We have always grown over the years, and we are still continuing to strive to be better.”

Now a chiropractor for 26 years, Picard treats patients who have acute pain and patients who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

“I like to encourage that they incorporate chiropractic treatment for their spine just like they go to a dentist for their teeth because the spine innervates the whole body,” Picard said. “You'vegot to take care of the spine, it’s one of the most important things to do.”

Along with helping the patients, Picard said he loves that his position brings him to met “new and interesting people.”

“Huntington has always been a mecca for healthcare services,” Picard said, adding that he works alongside other practitioners if need be, such as orthopedists, neurologists, radiologists and more. “I have always and continue to have great and rewarding relationships with other healthcare disciplines. When you find other like-minded doctors, ultimately the patient will benefit.”

After graduating from Tulane University in 1986 with a bachelor’s degree in psychology, Picard graduated from Los Angeles Chiropractic College, now called Southern California University of Health Sciences, in 1990 with a doctorate in chiropractic and a bachelor’s in biology.

Picard said he came back to Huntington because he wanted to be a health advocate and “provide chiropractic services to the people and community.”

“We treat you like I would want to be treated myself,” he said.

Picard added, “There is nothing more rewarding than coming to work and having a good time while you help your patients. That positive energy is most certainly felt by every patient that walks in and out of our doors.”

 Picard Chiropractic

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