Copy Shop Offers More Than Meets The Eye

By Janee Law

Working in the printing industry since he was 16 years old, owner of Northport Copy and Shipping John Nobles used to do the printing for Commack High School, then known as Commack North High School, before the process went digital. He worked with ink, letter blocks, a press machine and light tables.

“I never really put it all together until I bought this place,” Nobles, 48, of Northport, said. “It baffles me because everything went full circle.”

Before Nobles bought the business three years ago, Northport Copy and Shipping opened up in 1987 by a different owner. At the time, “it was a regular copy store,” Nobles said.

“Everybody didn’t have a printer and all that so they opened up a copy center and it did very well,” he added.

Since expanding 10 years ago, the 121 Main St. location has also been evolving. Now with a 2,000-square-foot floor plan, the Nobles has been installing the latest technology and updated machinery. Northport Copy can print anything, from business cards, posters, and banners to envelopes, invitations, catalogs, books, blueprints, holiday cards and more.

According to Nobles, it will eventually provide customers 3D printing options, since “it fits” into what the company provides.

With four employees, including two graphic designers, the company also offers services like graphic design, mailings with mail merge, shipping, document shredding, faxing, scanning, private mailbox rental and more. The end result, is a one-stop-shop.

Diana Fogarty, graphic designer, said the changes came about due to the changing industry.

“The industry, as a whole, printing, graphic design, customer service and retail, all those things have evolved so much in the last few years based on the internet and technology,” Fogarty, 36, of Huntington, said. “We adapt to all of those things.”

With that, Nobles said the business services many businesses within the area, including printing the Northport Yacht Club’s monthly newsletter and catalogs for the Connolly Music Company in East Northport.

Desiree Adikes, manager and graphic designer, said the shop does have a lot of work, but its staff works “to make sure it gets done in a timely manner.”

Adikes, 24, of Northport, said that most work can typically be completed in the same day.

She added that every day at Northport Copy brings about something new, whether it’s designing or getting to know people, and it’s a lot of fun.

Fogarty said this is where “the adaptability” and “deep level of customer service” come in, helping workers to form bonds with their clientele.

“They’re established relationships, and from what I’ve seen in my time here is that those relationships lead to other ones,” she said.

With other employees dedicated to customer service, like Carrie Parker, 20, of Northport, who Nobles referred to as “the happy kid,” Northport Copy doesn’t say no to customers.

Nobles said, “They can’t stump us,” adding that making customers happy is what he loves about the job.

“We want to be the say ‘yes’ company for everybody. Bring it to my counter and we’re going to do it for you.”

Northport Copy and Shipping

 121 Main St., Northport