Woodbury Road Safety Improvements Begin

By Andrew Wroblewski



 Pictured: Woodbury Road

Pictured: Woodbury Road

 Town of Huntington officials completed the first phase of safety improvements to a dangerous stretch of Woodbury Road last week that were recommended in a traffic-calming study following two fatal accidents that occurred on the stretch since 2013.

Huntington Highway Department workers trimmed trees and upgraded or replaced road signs to increase visibility on a 2.5-mile stretch of Woodbury Road -- which was the focus of the study -- from Main Street in Huntington village to Pulaski Road in Cold Spring Harbor.

Town officials say 165 bigger road signs were installed to increase visibility. New turn and reverse turn signs have also replaced curve and reverse curve signs, bringing the signage up to the Federal Highway Administration’s most recent standards. Signs were also upgraded to diamond-grade reflectivity and diamond-grade reflective inserts were installed on channel posts.

“These were the measures we could implement most quickly while we conduct the additional studies necessary before instituting others,” Huntington Supervisor Frank Petrone said in a press release.

Huntington Councilwoman Susan Berland, who has long-sponsored efforts to improve safety on Woodbury Road, called the measures “an important first step.”

“We appreciate the community input used to help the town prioritize the traffic calming measures,” Berland said. “We look forward to continuing to work with the community to address their concerns.”

Continuing efforts to address traffic safety in the area, last month the Huntington town board voted to conduct skid testing of the surface asphalt at selected locations, design pavement markings and create a plan for rumble strips.

Huntington Highway Superintendent Peter Gunther said in the release, “[I] look forward to continuing to work with the Town Board on the next steps.”