New Restaurant Heads ‘True North’ To Huntington


By Danny Schrafel


 Pictured: Vitae's old space in the Huntington village.

Pictured: Vitae's old space in the Huntington village.

Point your compass “true north” if you want to know what restaurant will be moving into Vitae’s space at 54 New St. in Huntington village.

There, chef Paul Miranda is teaming up with Huntington’s Stu Kritz to launch True North Restaurant, a gastropub concept which will feature eclectic New American cuisine and a “very rustic-meets-New York City vibe,” Miranda said Tuesday.

“It’s going to run the gamut of some very elegant, beautiful dishes to burgers and wings and stuff like that,” he said.

True North replaces Vitae, which closed May 31 after four years in business. Some initial buzz indicated that a new branch of the New York City-based Uncle Jack’s steakhouse would be coming here, but it turns out those compasses were pointing the wrong way.

Similar to Vitae, which specialized in wine, True North will put fine beer in the spotlight. Miranda said he plans to have approximately 16 taps, and will offer craft beers and craft cocktails.

“I want to do a lot of local stuff,” he said. “All my fish, I would love to source here, from Long Island. I want to have a lot of Long Island beers; a lot of New York beers.”

For Miranda, True North marks his first venture as an owner/chef, the highlight of an 18-year career which has brought him to hotspots in Manhattan, Long Island and across the country and the world.

“This is long overdue for me to do this,” he said.

Now living in Brookville, Miranda said Huntington is the perfect place for his dream to become a reality.

“It’s just a killer spot. It’s the best spot to open up a restaurant on Long Island,” Miranda said.

That day will come, he hopes, as soon as August.