Long Islander News Presents: Spring Real Estate Showcase

Perhaps it’s been a while since you've heard someone say this, but the housing market in Huntington and across Long Island is looking pretty good.

After the slip in prices that followed the housing bubble burst a few years back, those are certainly welcome words.

Prices are up; inventory is moving at multiple price points, and, as aging baby boomers begin to downsize, the properties, including some magnificent north-shore estates, they once called home are hitting the market. Those luxury properties are selling, too; and millennials, with their unique home-buying tastes, are becoming the latest generation to enter the real estate market and lay claim to their little corner of the American dream.

The proof might be in this recent week, in which real estate agents report healthy activity at open houses despite record-setting cold and ice all around. The motto “neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night” is usually associated with postal employees; seeing that same determination in prospective home buyers is most encouraging indeed.

In this week’s special Spring Real Estate Showcase, exclusive to the publications of Long Islander News, you’ll learn more about the state of the market and what makes it tick; why luxury homes on Huntington’s north shore are becoming available and selling in greater numbers; tips for navigating the market for buyers and sellers seeking to get the most bang for their buck; as well as helpful suggestions on how to pump real value into your home and improve your home’s market appeal.

In our special section, we interviewed Huntington’s most prominent and successful real estate agents. Find stories including:

  • The state of the local real estate market – how homes in Huntington compare to Long Island, how to find a hot agent, and more
  • Improvements you can make to raise the value and curb appeal of your home
  • Tips on how to sell your home quickly and at the best price
  • Advice on purchasing a home
  • Tips on adding design appeal to your home.

Pick up your copy of our latest paper (2/26) today to read the Spring Real Estate Showcase in its entirety (we promise you will be very glad you did)!