Huntington Attorney Accused Of Stealing $800K From Client’s Settlement

 Carol Schlitt

Carol Schlitt

A Huntington attorney has been accused of stealing “over $800,000” from a client’s settlement fund, Suffolk District Attorney Thomas Spota said.

Carol Schlitt, of Huntington Bay, a personal injury attorney who formerly worked in Huntington, was arraigned today on grand larceny charges, according to Spota.   

Schlitt, 58, represented a widow in a wrongful death action involving her deceased husband, Spota said. Upon settlement of the wrongful death action the defendant held the settlement money in an escrow account, the district attorney said.

“Our investigation found that, even after obtaining a significant fee in excess of $400,000, the defendant, over a four-year period, siphoned off over $800,000 of the widow’s settlement funds,” Spota stated.

Schlitt allegedly embezzled the money for her personal use, Spota added.

Uniondale-based attorney Douglas Nadjari is representing Schlitt in this case.

Nadjari said in a phone call today, "Carol Schlitt is a dedicated lawyer. We take these charges very seriously. We can't comment on them now, but we'll have much to say in the weeks to come."

Schlitt was arraigned in Suffolk County First District Court in Central Islip and held on $50,000 cash or a $100,000 bond alternative.

She is next scheduled to appear in court on Nov. 14.


Editor's note: This story was updated at 5 p.m.

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