How Did Huntington Residents Vote in 2014?

If it were up to Town of Huntington residents, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo would not have been re-elected, according to unofficial results provided by the Suffolk County Board of Elections on Wednesday.

Huntington voters would have preferred Republican Rob Astorino, the Westchester county executive, who gained 23,125 votes in the town, about 200 more votes that the Democratic incumbent Cuomo. The results are in line with the rest of county voters; in Suffolk, Astorino received 48.68 percent of the vote, while Cuomo netted 47.48 percent. Statewide, however, Cuomo received 52.65 percent of the vote compared with 39.39 percent for Astorino, according to unofficial state board of elections results.

Similarly, in the race for state attorney general, Huntington residents picked Republican John Cahill, who earned 24,661 votes (51.42 percent), compared to Democratic incumbent Eric Schneiderman, with 22,201 votes (46.29 percent). Cahill edged out Schneiderman county-wide as well, netting 50.59 percent of the vote in Suffolk compared to Schneiderman’s 47.1 percent. Statewide, however, Schneiderman pulled ahead with 52.79 percent of the vote compared to Cahill’s 39.29 percent, according to state board of elections results.

Huntington residents were of the same mindset as county and state voters in choosing to reelect State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli, and matched up with county voters in electing Legislator John Kennedy for county comptroller. Kennedy, a Republican, received 22,926 (50.78 percent) votes in the Town of Huntington, defeating Town of Huntington resident James Gaughran, a Democrat from Eaton’s Neck, who received 22,223 votes (49.22 percent). In Suffolk, Kennedy received 53.17 percent of the vote compared to Gaughran’s 46.79 percent.



How did Huntington Residents Vote?

*asterisk denotes election winner


GOVERNOR (34.2% turnout)

Astorino/Moss (R)                  23,125 48.08%

*Cuomo/Hochul (D)               22,901 47.62%

Hawkins/Jones (Green)           1793    3.73%

McDermott/Edes (Libert.)      182      0.38%

Cohn/Kalotee (Sapient)          91        0.19%



*DiNapoli (D)             24,146 50.3%

Antonacci (R)                         22,633 47.15%

Porletti (Green)           893      1.86%

Clifton (Libertarian)    331      0.69%



Cahill (R)                    24,661 51.42%

*Schneiderman (D)     22,201 46.29%

Jimenez (Green)          765      1.6%

Person (Libertarian)    331      0.69%



*J. Kennedy (R)          22,926 50.78%

Gaughran (D)              22,223 49.22%



*Israel (D)                   25,614 53.23%

Lally (R)                      22,506 46.77%


STATE SENATE (2nd District) (35.09%)

*Flanagan (R)                         7,530   66.23%

Lombardi (D)              3,839   33.77%


STATE SENATE (5th SD) (36.09%)

*Marcellino (R)           22,469 62.68%

B. Kennedy (D)          12,895 35.97

Bowman (Libertarian) 485      1.35%


STATE ASSEMBLY (10th AD) (33.02%)

*Lupinacci (R)            16,358 63%

Feeney Jr. (D)             9,608   37%


STATE ASSEMBLY (12th AD) (27.53%)

*Raia   17,085 100%


Source – unofficial results from Suffolk County Board of Elections