Chamber Award Promotes Diversity, Opportunity

By Peter Sloggatt

Huntington Township Chamber of Commerce honored the memory of its past chairman Larry Kushnick and celebrated one of his favorite causes with an event that honored a rising community member active in promoting diversity in the community.

Kevin Thorbourne, a local resident who was recently appointed director of the town’s minority affairs office, was presented with the Larry Kushnick Multicultural Award at a reception held Monday night at Honu Kitchen and Cocktails.

The event was organized by the chamber’s multicultural committee to honor the memory of its former Chairman of the Board Larry Kushnick, who formed the committee to raise awareness and respect to people of different cultures in the business world. The award recognizes a community-minded individual who gives of themselves to benefit others and is a visionary promoting the values of inclusiveness and equality. The committee hopes to continue the kind of work Kushnick was known for by making funds raised at the event available to the recipient’s charitable endeavors.

The committee hit a homerun in selecting Thorbourne, according to Kushnick’s father Martin, who was on the selection committee.

A graduate of Huntington High School who also attended Hofstra University, Thorbourne co- founded the Young Leader’s organization that mentors youth and helps give them opportunities to advance their education and careers. He is known for working tirelessly to give youth opportunity to grow and become the best they can be. He also teaches them how to get involved and make their communities a better place.