Art Comes Alive And ‘Off The Walls’ At Fair

By Arielle Dollinger


SPARKBOOM hosted its second annual “OFF THE WALLS: Block Party + Street Fair” last Saturday at Mt. Calvary Holy Church in Huntington.

The New York State grant-funded project hosted by the Huntington Arts Council, works to “expose emerging creative talent on Long Island, [in the Gen-Y population]” said spokesman Raj Tawney. 

“It’s great to have a place where I can see my friends doing all different mediums of art: music, panting, photos,” said Motion Ocean band member Stephanie Tolino. “You’d be silly not to come and put your money into this… you’re helping the community, as opposed to the corporations that we’re usually supporting every day.”

Donna Irvine brought her hand-made jewelry to sell at the fair – a hobby that she has turned into a business venture.

“I think this type of an event, where the promoters cater to people that are artists in all different genres, I think it’s good for the artists to get themselves exposure and it’s good for the community to see not only that people in their community have talent, but they can be inspired by it,” said Irvine, who took up jewelry making as a hobby about four years ago.

Check out our gallery of photos from the event below!