Lighthouse MusicFest Rocks The Harbor

This year’s MusicFest rocked the waters as bands jammed out on top of the Huntington Lighthouse. The bands did not stop rocking until sunset, and neither did the thousands of boats that turned up to watch this past Labor Day weekend.

The music kicked off at 11 a.m., and the lineup was full of performances from musicians and bands that included: Perfect Strangers, Ed Travers Band, 60s Invasion Flashback, King Wellington, Wonderous Stories, Mercury 9, Dr. K’s Motown Revue, and Milagro.

Boats from as far as Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Jersey, and New York City surrounded the lighthouse and could be seen for miles. Of course, locals from all over Long Island were in attendance as well.

“It’s a boating event,” Pamela Setchell, President of Huntington Lighthouse Preservation Society said.

The society was delighted that their motto, to “be safe and have fun” was embraced by boaters in attendance, and that they were able to raise more funds to keep maintaining the lighthouse.

They achieved this sending out “Teens on the Water” in launch boats, who sold t-shirts and captured boats “for bounty” by giving out beads and pirate themed toys. The society also put together a 116-page journal full of pictures, history, and facts about the lighthouse along with their sponsors’ advertisements that was given out the day of the festival.

The Huntington Lighthouse Preservation Society has great pride in the lighthouse, and loved that they could show off the $1.1 renovation of the foundation that was recently completed. The money they raised this year will be used to complete further renovations to the lighthouse, like adding new windows on the lower level and additional stone around the base.

The celebration of the beautiful waterfront that Long Island has to offer will hopefully be continued for many more years.