‘Pit Bull Awareness Month’ Brings Free Adoptions

By Janee Law

  The Town of Huntington is, once again, participating in National Pit Bull Awareness Month by waiving adoption fees and authorizing free spay and neuter services to pit bulls and pit bull mix this October.

  Starting Saturday, and through the month’s end, the typical $95 adoption fee will be waived for pit bulls and pit bull mixes adopted from the Town of Huntington Animal Shelter at 106 Deposit Road in East Northport. The Huntington Town Board has also agreed to have the North Shore Veterinary Hospital and the League for Animal Protection conduct a free spaying and neutering program for pit bulls and pit bull mixes owned by town residents.

Jerry Mosca, director of the animal shelter, said the only fee associated for adoption in October is licensing for $8.50.

For those looking to spay or neuter their pit bull, Mosca said residents must have an up to date rabies shot and a license for their dog in order to get a free voucher.

The purpose of the National Pit Bull Awareness Month is to ensure the quality of health of pit bulls, and to allow families to adopt pit bulls that are in desperate need of a home.

The town’s shelter currently has five pit bulls up for adoption: Hugo, Trooper, Daphne, Oscar, and Augie. Although he isn’t a pit bull, Hans, a shepherd-akita mix, is also up for free adoption through October.

Mosca said all dogs are well trained and ready for a new home.

“Basically, they’re all well rounded, and we run them through play groups, training and everyday socialization,” he added. “Any type of issues that they’ve had, or don’t have anymore, we’ve worked on.”

Mosca said the shelter started participating in National Pit Bull Awareness Month in 2010 as a means to raise awareness about the pit bull breed.

“A lot of people at times have had fears of this breed but there’s nothing to fear,” he said. “They are not bad dogs. They’re a great breed, they’re very loyal, they’re great for your family and we enjoy working with them here.”

As for the month of October, the goal is that someone will “get excited and come down to pick out the dog of their dreams,” Mosca said.

“Hopefully we can facilitate that for them,” he added. “We want to get as many dogs out of the shelters and into homes as possible.

“That’s our main goal here.”

For more information, contact the shelter at 631-754-8722.