Graffiti Vandals Sought After Spree

By Carl Corry

  Bistro Cassis was among at least 10 businesses in Huntington “tagged” by graffiti vandals last week.

Bistro Cassis was among at least 10 businesses in Huntington “tagged” by graffiti vandals last week.

At least 10 buildings in Huntington village were spray-painted with graffiti last week, according to Suffolk police and local businesses.

A Suffolk police spokeswoman said Second Precinct Crime Section officers are investigating reports of seven reports of graffiti at locations on Stewart Avenue, Union Place and Wall Street came on Nov. 27 and another graffiti report for which she did not have information.

Peter Pastorelli, the owner of Value Drugs, which has access points on New York Avenue and Wall Street, said his business’s box truck was “tagged,” as was a three-story building his father is constructing on Stewart Avenue.

Pastorelli said he has video surveillance of “three kids” doing the dirty work.

Black & Blue Seafood Chophouse and neighboring Bistro Cassis on Wall Street were also a victims of the spray-painting.

Nicole Sandvik, assistant manager at Black & Blue, said was surprised to see markings on the front of the building Monday morning.

“I had to take a double-take, because that doesn’t usually happen here. I’m disappointed in the use of our town.”

Stop & Shop across the street, as well as IMS Online and Bravo Nader on Union Place were also hit, as was Gold Coast Lobster on Stewart Avenue and an office building at 229 Main St. The building wraps around to Stewart Avenue, which is where the graffiti was painted.

A building at 11 Stewart Ave. that houses The Fitness Club of Huntington and the Inner Source holistic medical center was also a target.

Kevin Fallon, deputy chief of the Suffolk County Police Department, said the graffiti incidents appear to be criminal mischief done by someone or a group of people who wanted to damage property or place their marks for people to see.

In some cases, graffiti is gang-related, but that doesn’t appear to be case here, Fallon said.  

“There was no particular rhyme to it.”

Fallon added that graffiti is something the police department takes seriously, and he urged anyone who is a victim of graffiti to call the department so it can start an investigation, because there may be similar cases nearby.

Sandvik, of Black & Blue, said she hopes whoever spray-painted the buildings around town got it out of their system.

“We all just take so much pride in our building and our community, we just hate to see it defaced.”