Voters Have Their Say At The Polls, Await Results

 Huntington residents participate in the poll on Tuesday at Huntington Town Hall for Election Day.

Huntington residents participate in the poll on Tuesday at Huntington Town Hall for Election Day.

By Janee Law

Huntington Town Hall was closed Tuesday for normal business, but open to voters to cast their ballots in local elections.

The polls are still open until 9 p.m. for Huntington residents to vote in races for town council, town clerk, receiver of taxes, Suffolk County executive, judges and Suffolk Legislative districts 16, 17 and 18.

“We vote every year no matter what,” said Leon Goodman, 84, of Huntington, adding that all races were important in the election.

Neil and Eileen Brogan, of Huntington, also placed their votes Tuesday afternoon. They said they have taken to the polls their entire lives.

“It’s a privilege, but it’s also an obligation, so it’s something we take seriously,” said Eileen Brogan, 81.

The Brogans both voted for Republican Jo-Ann Raia for town clerk, who is running unopposed and Democrat Ester Bivona for receiver of taxes, while Neil, 81, voted for incumbent Independence and Republican candidate Eugene Cook for town council and Eileen voted for Conservative Michael Helfer.

Bivona is running against Republican Monique Pardes.

Cook is running with Northport-East Northport school board member Jennifer Thompson. The two Democratic candidates are incumbent Susan Berland and Keith Barrett, the town’s deputy director of general services.

“I voted against all the incumbents I can remember,” said Paul Wilson, 61, of Huntington Wilson voted for Grant Lally for Suffolk’s 18th Legislative District and James O’Conner for Suffolk County executive. Both candidates are Republicans.

“The union contracts that [current County Executive Steve] Bellone set up I think should be squashed, thrown out,” Wilson said. “That was important -- that was the main reason why I voted today.”

Lally is facing off against incumbent Democrat Dr. William Spencer.

In the races for other county seats representing Huntington, incumbent Democrat Steve Stern is matched against Republican Thomas M. McNally in the 16th Legislative District and incumbent Democrat Louis D'Amaro is being challenged by Janet L. Heller-Smitelli, a Republican.

Back at the polls, Jack Fass, 62, of Huntington, said he has been a Democrat his whole life, but occasionally crosses party lines. He didn’t want to reveal who he voted for, but noted that no matter who he chose, “it’s always important to vote. It’s part of being an American [and] it’s part of being a citizen.”

--With Carl Corry