The Lunch Bunch Makes The Rounds

When it comes to lunch during the work week, there are many choices to be had. This week we share with you just a few of our current favorites!

Ideal Cheese & Wine Café

308 Main St, Huntington (631-923-3434)


There’s more to Ideal Cheese & Wine Café than just cheese and wine. For today, let us expand on the café part, and specifically, the delightful lunch menu.

The salads are light and fresh. Choose from Burrata ($14), with basil, tomato, balsamic reduction and herb oil; Baby Tri-Color Beets ($10), with salted walnut and blue cheese-stuffed dates; and Fig & Arugula ($13) with pine nuts and red-wine-marinated figs over cheesy bread.

Moving on to sandwiches, there are, of course, fancy grilled cheeses. One of our favorites is the Mozzarella & Fontina ($9), with basil, tomato and honey. There are also burgers, made from Berger Meats’ blend of ground, short rib and brisket, and topped with one of Ideal Cheese’s exquisite cheeses. Watch for the four-year Canadian cheddar with a fried egg, crispy shoestring onions and truffle aioli ($19). Get a side of pommes frites ($4.50), and you won’t even be needing dinner later.

There are also a range of specialties to choose from at lunchtime. Some options include: Mac & Cheese Croquettes ($8.50), Pulled Pork Crepe ($15) and  Zucchini Spaghetti ($10). And of course, there are always wings.

Kashi Japanese

12 Elm Street, Huntington (631-923-1960) 


Kashi Japanese offers a sushi roll lunch special similar to that of Ting Restaurant, for a dollar less. A two-roll special, with options like spicy tuna, spicy crab and Philadelphia Roll, to name a few, will run you $8; a three-roll special is $11. Each is served with soup and a salad. Kashi also offers lunch boxes for $15, in varieties like Chicken Teriyaki with Shrimp Tempura and Gyoza or Shumai, and Rib Eye Steak Teriyaki with Crispy Calamari and Gyoza or Shumai. The Sushi Bar lunch box, also $15, combines traditional sushi rolls with specialty rolls in several variations.

Ting Restaurant

92 E. Main St., Huntington (631-425-7788) 


Lunch specials at Ting Restaurant, which include miso soup and a house salad with ginger dressing, range in price from $8 to $15. The traditional options, like Chicken Lo Mein and General Tso’s Chicken, are $8, but are available with beef and shrimp for $9 and $10, respectively. The sushi roll lunch specials are $9 for two rolls and $12 for three – a bargain, being that their individually priced counterparts range in cost from $5 to $7. Among other options, Ting also offers a Sashimi Lunch, with nine pieces of assorted sashimi, for $14.

Sur Argentinian Steakhouse

314 New York Ave., Huntington (631-470-6300) 


Though dinner options at Sur Argentinian Steakhouse are on the expensive end of the spectrum, the restaurant offers a $10 lunch special worth more than what it costs. Monday through Saturday, from 12-4 p.m., diners can choose from such options as garlic shrimp with pasta, an 11-oz. Shell Steak, grilled salmon, and ravioli, each for $10.

Rookies Sports Club

70 Gerard St., Huntington (631-923-0424)


Whether you call it in, order online or stop in for a seat, $9.99 will take you a long way at Rookies Sports Club. A sports bar at heart, before the booze starts flowing later on in the night, Rookies has been offering customers its signature lunch special for as long as we can remember, every Monday-Friday from 11:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. All-American chicken sandwiches, South Western wraps, twin tacos, quesadillas, salads and more are all a part of the special and each come with their own special tweaks and additional munchies. Our favorite though, has to be the breakfast burger which turns a cheeseburger into a breakfast sandwich by throwing some tater tots and an egg on top. It’s delicious, the perfect way to start your day and even available for local delivery.