Mac’s at the Meadow, A Casual And Fresh Experience

By Janee Law

Mac’s Steakhouse in Huntington village offer quality dishes and a scenic view at its spin-off restaurant, Mac’s at the Meadow, located at the Crab Meadow Golf Course in Northport.

“The idea was to bring unique dining to the golf course,” Mark Gelish, owner of Mac’s, said. “Right now the restaurant was exclusively used as a caterer or as a golf course snack bar.”

Now, it’s open to all as a part-time restaurant, offering a variety of menus for different days of the week.

“The fun thing here is you can go in different directions,” Gelish, 60, of Huntington, said. “I’m really enjoying it and the challenge is how to make it better every day.”

The grill menu is served seven days from 11 a.m.-6 p.m., and offers breakfast items, salads, soups and freshly made club sandwiches that differ on a daily basis.

With ham on Thursdays, roast beef on Fridays, turkey breast on Saturdays and barbeque pork on Sundays, Mac’s at the Meadow ensures quality and freshness by preparing the meat the day it’s served.

The Lobster Night menu is served Thursdays from 5 p.m.-9 p.m. and offers a three-course meal, with items made from scratch.

For Friday’s, the restaurant serves up a Tapas menu from 5 p.m.-10 p.m., featuring appetizers, salads, comfort food, and hearty entrees.

“At Mac’s on the Meadow, you’re coming one night for a three-course meal, you’re coming another night for music and light food, and Sunday is a totally different experience,” Gelish said. “You wouldn’t see the same menu over and over again.”

The Mac’s Steakhouse owner brought his expertise to the restaurant’s grill.  

The short rib quesadilla ($10) offered on the grill menu is served with chipotle mayo. The dish provides a crunchy outside and a soft texture on the inside, with a warm and light cheesy bite.

Also from the grill menu, Southwest pulled pork tacos ($9) topped with chipotle ranch dressing and Napa cabbage make a perfect summer meal. The savory pulled pork fills the soft taco shell, delivering a delectable sweet and spicy combination.

On the tapas menu, crispy dry-rub Jamaican wings ($9), served with a cucumber crème, are juicy and packed with flavor.  

Top it off with a unique dessert. Brownie wontons ($8) – a must try for chocolate lovers – is served on tapas night. A crunchy wonton is stuffed with a chocolate brownie and served with vanilla ice cream. The wonton adds a twist to the classic pairing of warm fudge brownie and cool vanilla ice cream.

Starting in mid-September, the restaurant will offer its Sunday Brunch Menu.

“We’re going to call it a farmers brunch, similar to Mac’s and basically every table gets a starter platter of muffins, bagels, danishes, fresh fruit, and roasted vegetables,” Gelish said. Entrees would include a variety of breakfast and lunch items.

Gelish, who has owned Mac’s Steakhouse for 10 years, said like Mac’s Steakhouse, everything at Mac’s at the Meadow is made from scratch and served fresh. What makes them different is the atmosphere.

The 8,000-square-foot restaurant offers a beautiful view of the golf course and harbor, and offers 150 seats. Mac’s took over the restaurant portion of the golf course in May.

 “This is a much more casual affair,” he said. “It’s a place that you could go to three nights in a row and have a totally different experience.”