Bistro Cassis Brings Parisian Delights To Huntington

By Jano Tantongco

Bistro Cassis has been bringing authentic French cuisine artistry to the plates of Long Island diners since 2001.

Featuring a range of elegantly crafted dishes, the menu is traditional, with a modern spin, drawing mainly from Parisian influences.

“We bring the best most classic dishes that France has to offer. We try to incorporate different dishes from all over France,” General Manager Gabriel Garcia said.

Step into the restaurant and the atmosphere is reminiscent of a French salon, complete with light, bohemian-like music and antiquated wine bottles decorating the walls.

And, just like in Paris, the outdoor tables and chairs of Bistro Cassis are oriented toward the street, perfect for people-watching and letting thoughts wander over a meal.

Garcia visited Paris in 2009 on honeymoon with his wife and saw the culture of cuisine firsthand, drawing inspiration for his work at Bistro Cassis.

To start, the Salade Cassis ($15) features microgreens, Roquefort cheese, roasted beets, walnuts, French beans, poached leeks and dijon vinaigrette. The microgreens add a burst of freshness, while the candied walnuts add just a touch of sweetness, and the beets are tender and juicy, creating a mixture of textures and flavors.

General Manager gabriel garcia said bistro cassis' cuisine draws from all regions of france, but focuses on Parisian delights.

General Manager gabriel garcia said bistro cassis' cuisine draws from all regions of france, but focuses on Parisian delights.

As a small plate, La Soupe A L’Oignon ($11) is a traditional French onion soup with gruyere cheese and crouton. A truly rich, warming start to a meal, the cheese is gooey, and gives way to a savory soup with hearty taste.

Escargots Persilles ($12) are baked snails and garlic herb butter, topped with puffy croutons. A masterful take on a French classic, the garlic herb butter is a fine green blend that adds a natural zest to the snail, leading to a small plate that’s rich, yet light.

Steak Tartare ($14) brings together raw beef mixed with capers, dijon mustard with a touch of Worcestershire sauce with traditional accoutrements, including toasted baguette slices and frisee salad. The meat is succulent and puts forth bold flavors that are balanced by the cooling frisee, spread on the baguette.

Tagliatelle Au Boeuf Bourguignon ($27) plates braised beef, root vegetables, tagliatelle pasta steeped in a red wine reduction sauce. The slow braised beef easily falls apart as one chews, giving way to a complex, smoky undertones. Paired with chewy tagliatelle pasta, the dish is a true delight.

Sole En Papillote ($27) is a unique dish, offering a filet of sole baked in parchment paper, topped with scallop and shrimp, with a side of haricot verts, all simmering in a lemon white wine sauce. Baked in the parchment, the fish is delicious, tender yet firm and perfectly absorbs the radiant sauce. This entree will be soon featured on the menu, which is currently being updated.

Finishing up with dessert, the Mille-Feuille ($12) layers mixed fresh fruit with mascarpone cream in a puff pastry. While bordering on decadent, the dessert remains remarkably light, with delicately flaky pastry layers. Meanwhile, the Profiteroles Glacees ($10) are cream puffs with vanilla gelato and chocolate sauce that’s sure to end the meal on a high note.