A Taste Of Argentina Right In Huntington Village

By Connor Beach

It has been four years since Sur Argentinian Steakhouse replaced Canterbury Ales in Huntington village, and the restaurant continues to serve a variety of unique and bold flavored South American dishes.

Partners Nicolas Kalatizis, Osvaldo Sanchez and Chef Juan Reartes opened the restaurant as a way to introduce people to Argentinian food.

Reartes, a native of Argentina, said the three partners were looking to open a restaurant that could fill a gap in the Huntington market.

“The inspiration was to do something traditional and authentic Argentinian, and it is not easy to find it on long island,” Reartes said.

Reartes brings his knowledge of traditional Argentinian recipes and preparation to the menu that includes everything from steaks to pasta.

“We set ourselves apart from other restaurants in our way and traditions because we don’t marinate the meat and we don’t cut the meat like the other steakhouses.” Reartes said. “We are doing business more in the family way and not in the corporate way.”

Reartes is always looking to capture authentic Argentinian flavors and styles in the diverse menu at Sur.

To start, the Empanadas ($3 each) feature ground beef or chicken wrapped in pastry dough. The pastry is baked to a perfect golden brown color that makes these traditional appetizers almost as good to look at as they are to eat. The beef filling is well seasoned and juicy, and the pasty holds up well against the filling with no hint of sogginess.

Torta de Cangrejo ($13) is a jumbo lump crab cake tossed in panko breadcrumbs and served with basil aioli and sautéed red cabbage. The vibrant purple of the cabbage and green from the aioli make for a beautiful presentation. The crab cake has a nice texture that is complemented by the crunch from the red cabbage. The basil aioli adds softening floral notes to a dish that is bursting with flavor.

The seafood options on the menu at Sur include the Paella Valenciana ($28) featuring Spanish saffron rice with shrimp, clams, mussels, chicken and chorizo. One bite is enough to tell that this traditional Spanish dish has been prepared with care. The seafood is clean and fresh, while the chorizo adds a recognizably Spanish flare. The rice captures the deep flavors in the sauce, which makes this just the type of standout dish that you would expect from a South American restaurant.

From the grill, the Parrillada Del Sur for Two ($64) is a mixed grill platter with a taste of the many steaks and meats that Sur has to offer. The dish features medallions of filet mignon, rack of lamb, skirt steak and Argentinian sausage served with salsa criolla and chimichurri sauce. The combination of different types and cuts of meat allow the kitchen at Sur to showcase different cuts of meat and their ability to cook all of them well.

As a side for one of their many steaks Sur offers Creamed Spinach ($5) that is baked and topped with Parmesan cheese. This unique take on a traditional steakhouse side has cheese, onions, and peppers added to make sure that the dish has an added level of flavor and texture.

Reartes said he enjoys coming to the restaurant every day because it allows him to meet so many different people.

“After all these four years we have so many clientele coming back again and again, alone or with friends.”