Roast Packs Plenty Between The Slices

By Sophia Ricco

Lunch classics get the royal treatment at Roast Sandwich House, a shop thatstrivesfor the best and delivers with fresh ingredients.

The Melville eatery, opened in 2010 by Paul Doyle and Joseph Cordaro, was crafted with care, to take the lost art of sandwich making and put a delicious spin on it. Roast Sandwich House serves an “upscale version of what someone would eat on a daily basis.” They roast their own meats, make all dressing and sauces in-house, source fresh produce, and have fresh, locally-made bread delivered every day.

“If you want to make something the best, you gotta work really hard and put good things into it,” Doyle said.

Roast Sandwich House serves a variety of sandwiches, wraps, salads, soups and sides concocted by chef Cordaro and staff. Cordaro takes pride in flavor combinations that he has developed over the years.

A glance at the menu reveals a diversity of inspiration from various cuisines. Specialty sandwiches are packed with flavor. The corned beef Reuben ($11.99) is a classic eat taken to a new level with refreshing coleslaw and crispy beer battered onion rings. Stuffed into a marble rye roll and oozing with zesty Thousand Island dressing, there’s no shortage of tender, juicy corned beef.

A popular choice, the chicken alla vodka ($10.99), delivers a rich Italian experience on a garlic semolina hero with savory strips of breaded chicken covered in melted mozzarella and parmesan.

“It’s a lot of effort that goes into making this one item, but it puts a smile on somebody’s face and I think it’s totally worth it,” Doyle said. “We know no one else will put this time into just a sandwich, but to us, it’s not just a sandwich.”

It’s not just the sandwiches that get special treatment. Antibiotic-free chicken makes the difference in the honey BBQ grilled chicken wrap ($9.50). The tangy southwest ranch that covered the well-seasoned, supple chicken and sharp cheddar, found harmony with the crisp bacon, along with fresh avocado and romaine.

“This is the way we live our life. We always try to put good quality food in our bodies and when we feed our family,” Doyle said. “We’re really big into flavor. People may not think the quality of ingredients makes a difference, but if you tried a traditional chicken breast compared to a chicken raised antibiotic free and fed a vegetarian diet, the taste and texture is really recognizable.”

Angry turkey melt ($10.99) puts a healthy spin on a melt with lean turkey, avocado spread and tomato, plus Cajun bacon and pepper jack satisfy savory tastes. With everything made fresh to order, sandwiches can be customized.

“We want people to feel their portion of their day, when they go to lunch, is extremely enjoyable,” Doyle said. “It’s fresh, so they can feel good about what they just ate.”

Roast Sandwich House takes pride in the house-made sides that each pack a punch of flavor. One sensational side — sweet chili crispy brussels ($4.99) have an unexpected taste. The crisp brussel sprouts are saturated in a sauce that kicks. Sweet potato tater tots ($4.99) and french fries ($4.99) also shine. The taters take a sweet route and the fries having a tempting, signature sauce. For those who want to sample more, the Pick Two for $9.99, offers a half-side, half-soup, half-salad, or half-sandwich.

“Sometimes getting a large portion of a hero, might be too much for somebody,” Doyle said. “Now they have an opportunity to add a fresh salad or soup along with it.”

Roast Sandwich House opened in Hicksville and at the Nassau Coliseum two years ago. They hope to keep growing in the future.

“We just gotta roll up the sleeves, work hard and try to stay as happy as possible,” Doyle said. “I really love it here. It’s exciting and doesn’t feel like work.”

Roast Sandwich House

827 Walt Whitman Rd, Melville


Cuisine: Sandwiches

Atmosphere: Casual and bright

Price: Soups: $3.99-5.49; Salads: $7.99-13.99; Sandwiches and wraps: $7.99-12.99

Hours: Monday-Saturday, 10:30 a.m. - 8 p.m., Sunday, closed.