The Magpie Salute Rocks With Classic, New Energy

  Photo by Arnaud Lerondeau  The Magpie Salute is set to rock The Paramount stage with classic and new energy on Aug. 13.

Photo by Arnaud Lerondeau
The Magpie Salute is set to rock The Paramount stage with classic and new energy on Aug. 13.

By Janee Law

Rock guitarist Rich Robinson, co-founder of The Black Crowes, may have a new band, but it’s rooted in the classic blues and hard rock sounds he’s known for.

“It’s old and new,” Robinson said of the 10-piece band, The Magpie Salute, which is set to play The Paramount on Aug. 13.

He added, “There are people from our pasts, who I’ve known for decades, and then there are some new people who bring new energy to the whole thing. We just have a strong reverence for playing together, and playing this music, and seeing where this thing is going to go.”

The band is made up of several members of The Black Crowes, including Robinson, guitarist Marc Ford, and bassist Sven Pipien.

Along for the ride are Nico Bereciartua on guitar and Joe Magistro on the drums, and a talented selection of vocalists, including lead singer John Hogg, of Hookah Brown and Moke; former Crowes singer Charity White; and background singers, Adrien Reju and Katrine Ottosen. Also touring with the band is keyboard player Michael Bellar.

Together, the group produces blues rock, hard rock, and southern rock. Setlists, which vary show-to-show. Feature songs from The Black Crowes, Robinson’s solo records and Ford’s new record.

Formed in 2016 out of Woodstock, New York, The Magpie Salute’s debut performance came this past January, when it sold out Gramercy Theatre.

The band’s name is a reference to a British superstition about the need for one to salute a magpie — a type of crow — any time it’s seen, in order to ward off negativity, or to have a good day.

The band’s formation marks the reunion of the Robinson and Ford guitar team, which ended in 1997 when Ford left The Black Crowes.

Robinson said the main difference between The Black Crowes and The Magpie Salute is there’s more positive energy.

“We’re all really focused on being positive and maintaining that positivity,” he said. “As far as musicianship, we’re all a little bit older, we’re a little bit wiser and I think there’s a lot of dynamic to this new band that we’re able to tap into that maybe the Crowes wasn’t able to tap into.”

Looking ahead to the show date at The Paramount, Robinson said, “It’s really a show where people come, bring their positivity, their best energy and they have fun, and we have fun.”

“It becomes a celebration and ultimately that’s the best that can happen.”

Tickets range $30-$65 and can be purchased at the box office or at Doors open at 7 p.m. and the jams are set to kick off at 8 p.m.