Huntington Resident Wins Arts Award

 Bronwyn Kelly, of Huntington, stands with her award-winning piece.

Bronwyn Kelly, of Huntington, stands with her award-winning piece.

Our Lady of Mercy Academy senior Bronwyn Kelly, of Huntington, won a Juror’s Award for her mixed media tunnel book piece titled “Layered Progression,” a piece in the Advanced Visions 11 High School Artists of Excellence Exhibit at C.W. Post.

“This handmade book is in my opinion the most unique art piece in the entire exhibit,” said Professor Neill Slaughter. “Not only is it unique, Bronwyn's theme of ‘nature versus man’ is universal.

Kelly presented the viewer with a book, the cover of which has an image of an old weathered tree with its bark worn and roots appearing long and deep. The cover has a jagged hole torn through it revealing a dark gray scene of factories spewing smoke and soot. Behind the second layer is an illustration of a person’s brain surrounded by little metal gears whirling around in the blank space outside the brain.

“This sensitively executed combination of drawing and three-dimensional layering of handmade paper mixed with metal bits and pieces packs a powerful question for the viewer to contemplate. Is Humanity going to be able to figure out a solution to have modern ‘civilization’ live in harmony with nature (in a sustainable manner) or are we just going to keep polluting the earth until there is no more civilization?” Slaughter said.