High Schoolers’ Art Featured At Heckscher

By Janee Law


  “How You See Me Vs. How I See Me,” by Aaron Feltman, of Huntington High School.

“How You See Me Vs. How I See Me,” by Aaron Feltman, of Huntington High School.

More than a dozen students from across the Town of Huntington have been selected for The Heckscher Museum of Art’s Long Island’s Best: Young Artist at The Heckscher Museum, an annual exhibit showcasing artwork from high school students across Nassau and Suffolk.

The museum selected a total of 83 students from 44 schools on Long Island out of the 357 submissions this year, representing 53 high schools. Of the 83 students, 18 are representing nine high schools in the Town of Huntington.

“The quality of work we receive is exceptional,” stated Joy Weiner, director of education and public programs at the Heckscher Museum of Art. “It is very difficult to narrow the entries to around 80 works for the exhibition.”

For 20 years, the museum’s juried exhibition has been providing Long Island students with the opportunity to professionally present their work in the museum.

The artwork was initially reviewed by teachers from each school. Those that were selected were brought to the museum to be judged by the museum’s curator, Lisa Challif. The exhibit opened last month.

As part of the process, students and their teachers took a trip to the museum to study the artwork and selected an inspirational piece that motivated the creation of original work back in the classroom.

Weiner stated, the curriculum student’s follow is built on inter-disciplinary learning concepts, and enhances New York State Core Learning Standards for the arts, career development, English language arts, and social studies.

Each student also wrote an artist statement, explaining the artwork and their experience creating the piece.

Representing local high school areas are senior Aaron Feltman, senior Justin Meyer, and freshman Eli Mollineaux, of Huntington; senior John Hanson, of Huntington Fine Arts; and freshman Witt Holmes, freshman Noah Kaplan, and senior Justin Relf, of Cold Spring Harbor.

“Aaron, Eli, and Justin each have their own individual artistic styles,” stated Sarah Gill, art director for the Huntington School District. “I am so very proud of all three of them.”

Feltman’s graphite powder, charcoal powder and ink on paper is titled “How You See Me Vs. How I See Me;” Meyer’s digital painting is called “My Blue Universe;” Mollineaux’s mixed media piece is called “bELIeve;” Hanson’s mixed media is titled “Stone;” Holmes’s digital illustration is called “Summer in America;” Kaplan’s digital illustration piece is titled “Beginning of 360;” and Relf’s solarplate etching is called “Jay Pritzker Pavilion.”

“It's very exciting as an educator and administrator to observe how students follow their creative voice and inspiration at such a young age,” Gill stated. “I'm certain we will be seeing more of their work in the future. I know the entire art faculty celebrates in their accomplishments.”

In addition, 11 other students hailing from areas of Half Hollow Hills, St. Anthony’s, Northport, Commack and Elwood also have their artwork displayed as part of the museum’s exhibit.

The exhibit will be open to the public until May 15.