Plenty Of Smiles At Community Day

By Connor Beach

The Greenlawn Civic Association hosted Sunday the second annual Greenlawn Community Day at Coral Park.

The event saw participation from a variety of community groups including the Harborfields Council of PTA’s, Harborfields High School Student Government, the Vanderbilt Museum, Greenlawn Fire Department and a very busy table hosted by the Harborfields Public Library.

All activities at the event were provided free of charge and helped promote businesses and community organizations in the Greenlawn area.

Huntington Councilman Mark Cuthbertson praised the Greenlawn Civic Association for organizing the event.

“Years ago this land was an empty space, and it’s a beautiful park now so it’s great that we could come together here and enjoy this beautiful fall day,” Cuthbertson said. “Thank you to the civic association, the fire department, the police department and all the organizations that come together to make this such a great event.”

The Greenlawn Civic Association said the event was a big success, and hope it will continue to grow next year.