Summer Is Prime Time For Building Your Business

 The Huntington Chamber of Commerce is located on main street in huntington village.

The Huntington Chamber of Commerce is located on main street in huntington village.

Summertime is a great opportunity to focus on and build your business. The Huntington Chamber offers events and an abundance of vibrant committees which provide a great platform to become involved with Long Island’s business and community leaders and to showcase your business.

There are many ways to become involved with the chamber and display your business talent and expand your business network. Consider attending or sponsoring the chamber’s signature events, become part of a committee and connect with other business professionals with similar interest, attend any of the year-round seminars and breakfast programs or Business After Hours events.

“The Chamber offers a welcoming and supportive environment for personal development, community stewardship and business networking,” said Chairman Bob Scheiner. “The chamber committees are a great resource and offer unique opportunities to engage with fellow members to improve the business climate and quality of life in our community.”

Huntington Chamber committees include:

Education Committee: Provides valuable programs, workshops and seminars critical to small-business owners, as well as corporate leaders with the newest information for employers and employees to utilize in the workplace.

Green Committee: Educates and promotes sustainable green initiatives for chamber members in an effort to assist them in continually improving business practices and processes that help to reduce the impact to the environment.

 Government Relations Committee: Reviews current issues to assess their impact on local business, employment and the economy. The committee makes recommendations to the board of directors with respect to those issues and does not endorse candidates for public office.

 Health & Wellness Committee: Provides a forum for health care providers to support the Huntington community by promoting healthy lifestyle choices through education and initiatives that encourage habits of wellness, as well as inspire and empow­er individuals to take responsibility for their own health.

 Huntington Village Merchants Committee: Offers an opportunity for local merchants to discuss topics specific to their business and needs within the Township of Huntington. Utilize the resources of the chamber and participate in networking events, local government policy and group advertising to organize and increase business for all.

 Membership Committee: Nurtures the connection, interaction and involvement of new and existing members. Committee members act as ambassadors to add a personal touch and keep members apprised of events and encourage participation. (Must be a chamber member for at least six months before joining.)

 Multicultural Business Committee: Encourages cross cultural business collaboration and opportunities to explore, experience and appreciate different cultures in the workplace.

 Small Business Advisory Committee: Organizes business experts and advisors who provide confidential one on one and panel counseling sessions to help new and existing businesses strategize and grow.

 Veterans Committee: Serves as a resource for military members and their families of our Armed Forces through civic, business and volunteer organizations and efforts. You do not need to be a veteran to be a part of the committee.

 Women in Business Committee: Supports women in improving business practices with a focus on issues and challenges that women face in the working world and encourages their personal and professional growth.

Young Professionals Committee: Created for Chamber members between the ages of 21 and 35 from business, not-for-profit and government industries. Young, influential people come together to share their experiences, utilize each other’s resources, generate business and build their careers.

Chamber Committees are for members only. Future members can sit in on one meeting to see what it is all about before joining.

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