Petite Graphic Design Firm Makes Big Impact

Digho co-owners Diane Marie Palma and Maria Misko came up with the idea behind their graphic design firm after they met in a C.W. Post drawing class.   Long Islander News photos/Janee Law

Digho co-owners Diane Marie Palma and Maria Misko came up with the idea behind their graphic design firm after they met in a C.W. Post drawing class. Long Islander News photos/Janee Law

By Janee Law

Although its Huntington village location can be hard to pin down, Digho does big business in the local graphic design industry.

Co-owners Maria Misko and Diane Marie Palma, whose plan to open Digho dates back to their time together in a C.W. Post drawing class, operate the full-service graphic design firm and art house out of 376 New York Ave. in Huntington.

Fifteen years since opening, Digho has had a hand in design work for companies and agencies across town, including the Huntington Township Chamber of Commerce, John W. Engeman Theater, Tri Community and Youth Agency, Huntington Historical Society, Kiss My Cake, and Some Like It Hot and Spicy. The firm creates everything from business cards to wedding invitations.

Prior to working with each of their clients, Palma said, an intense information session is held.

“We brainstorm. We get to know them personally, the business, what makes them different and what they’re passionate about,” Palma said. “We gather this information and then we put it all together visually that represents them, but also speaks to their target market and what their goals are.”

This has been a hit with clients, Misko said.

“Our clients like how much we care about the way they look and we try to tell them what makes us look good,” Misko said. “It’s really about making the most beneficial product for the client so their business grows, and we’re honest with them on all levels.”

Misko, of Smithtown, grew up in Melville and graduated from C.W. Post in 2001 with a bachelor’s in fine arts in digital art and design. Palma, who lived in Huntington prior to a move to Bethpage, graduated with the same degree in 2003.

The pair reconnected a few years after graduation to launch Digho, first as a part-time endeavor and then as a full-time commitment seven years ago, Misko said. Digho previously had office space in the Huntington Township Chamber of Commerce’s Main Street building, but moved to New York Avenue two years ago.

Misko and Palma said they have the skills to take on any design projects pitched by clients, but that they specialize in branding — including keeping a company’s brand thriving, helping it to rebrand, enhancing an existing brand or creating a new one altogether.

Digho's design capabilities also include logos, business cards, brochures, banners, restaurant menus, stationery and invitations for weddings, special occasions and holidays.

After years of developing Digho’s own brand, Palma said she’s proud the name has recognition across town.

“It took us a long time, years of networking and working hard and it’s really starting to come together where our client base is growing,” she said.

Palma added that the pair chose Huntington “because it has a strong art culture. Being artists and designers, we knew that our mission would be appreciated and accepted here.”

The pair also works to bring local artists together.

In 2002, Misko began Paura, an art club run by Digho that brings all types of local artists together as a way to continue to develop creatively. Digho also hosts the “Digho Marketplace” at the Conklin Barn, where local artists and vendors sell items.

“We just like being around people who are creative and we try to support that in the best way that we can,” Palma said. “We’re kind of little people ourselves but we thrive in the community that we’re creating around us.”