Medicine For The Future

By Carina Livoti


  Dr. Robert E. Scully opened his first Medicenter in 1990 and has continued to work in urgent care since.

Dr. Robert E. Scully opened his first Medicenter in 1990 and has continued to work in urgent care since.

Longtime Huntington resident Dr. Robert E. Scully opened up his first Medicenter in Huntington in 1990, when urgent care centers were neither as popular nor taken as seriously as they are now.

“We might be the longest-running multi-site urgent care center [in the area],” Scully said.

Scully worked in an emergency room for less than two years before the grueling hours pushed him toward urgent care work. After less than a year at an urgent care center, he decided to open his own. Scully said he saw walk-in clinics as the future of medicine and the epitome of responsive patient care.

“I saw it as the new thing; it was what patients wanted,” Scully said.

The doctor’s progressive mindset paid off; over the past 25 years, his business has grown and expanded, from one location with one doctor to three locations with eight physicians moving between them.

Scully started out by himself in Huntington. Several months later, he said he brought in an associate to work every other weekend, and things just took off from there.

Scully opened up Medicenter locations in Northport and Massapequa in 2000 and 2013, and seven other doctors are now involved. Scully himself works primarily out of Huntington, but said that he does “hop around.”

The Medicenters accept almost all health insurance and provide immediate, walk-in care for both adults and children. The centers accept worker’s compensation and have built relationships with many businesses in the area, according to Scully.

It’s open seven days a week, with evening hours during the week. Scully said that those are among the most important things the center provides; for him, it’s about patient convenience.

“Patients want to be seen when it’s convenient for them, not when it’s convenient for the doctor,” Scully said.

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