Lot 356 Offers Edgy Style To The Village Mix

By Janee Law


  Laurie Burlison is owner of Lot 356 Fashion Boutique in Huntington, which she said has an edgy, casual style.

Laurie Burlison is owner of Lot 356 Fashion Boutique in Huntington, which she said has an edgy, casual style.

Lot 356 Fashion Boutique is a quaint shop on the corner of New York Avenue and Elm Street that brings edgy and casual styles of clothing, jewelry and accessories to shoppers in the village of Huntington.

“From what I’ve heard from customers, we definitely have the West Coast look, which makes us different,” said owner Laurie Burlison, 30. “We have a very chill and easygoing vibe to our clothing and to our look, and people like that.”

Selling dresses, skirts, blouses, jeans, necklaces, rings, scarves and more, Lot 356 offers comfy items for those casual days and chic pieces for night outings.

Lot 356 also promoting local jewelry vendors buy sell their product in the store. This includes Jillery Jewels, based in Huntington and Morning Star Jewelry, based in Calverton and Peter M. Jewelry.

Carrying several lines of clothing, such as customer favorites Michael Lauren, J Brand, Bella Doll and, for dresses, Susana Monaco, Burlison and her sister and co-owner Barbara Rizzi, 42, choose their clothing at fashion shows they attend at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in Manhattan.

“People are very verbal, thank God. They let us know what they like and what they don’t like,” said Burlison, of Huntington. “It makes it easier to buy for people. Now we know what we want to order in the spring. We know our client base.”

Burlison said the store is currently carrying a lot of colors like blacks, whites and greys.

However, going into the spring and summer season, Burlison said customers will be seeing splashes of color, along with maxi dresses and rompers, as well as the casual-edgy style.

The 1,500-square-foot shop, at 356 New York Ave., will be expanding its merchandise with sandals and shapewear for the upcoming season. In addition, Lot 356 will be shifting its price points, which currently ranges between $100-$200 for clothing.

“We’re in a very mixed location, so we get a lot of people from out of town too,” Burlison said, adding that while some customers like the high prices, others do not. “So we’re going to have a mix of lines and price points.”

After feedback from shoppers, Lot 356 plans to sell some of its clothing for less than $100, with some blouses at $50.

“We’re looking to really appeal to everyone that comes in,” she said. “We want to be flexible.”

Surrounded by local restaurants, the shop stays open until 10 p.m. two to three days of the week, depending on the season.

Burlison said keeping the store open late is helpful to her neighbors by sharing the traffic the flow between restaurants and shows at the Paramount.   

Opening since March, Burlison said she and her sister found Huntington to be one of the trendiest places that envelops a mini-city feel.

“People like to go out, people like to eat and they like to shop,” Burlison said. “It fits the lifestyle of having a boutique into this area.”

Lot 356 also provides private shopping parties, with plans to team up with La Piele Spa & Aesthetics Center to host a ladies night event on Jan. 30 from 6-9 p.m. It will involve shopping, massages and facial treatments.

“We can set up events with people to come to their home and either personal style them or set up a party with them and their friends,” Burlison said.

The goal for the shop is to always be friendly, create a helpful environment and provide a personal shopping experience for customers, Burlison said, adding that people love shopping at her store because she is honest with customers about what outfit works and what doesn’t.

“We want our customers to feel good, to feel confidant that they look good, know they look good and get a lot of compliments when they leave,” Burlison said. “I think that’s the most important part is making somebody feel good in what they’re wearing.”