Law Office Keeps Clients Informed Every Step

By Janee Law

Practicing law for 16 years, Darren Sheehan, owner of Law Offices of Daren E. Sheehan, spends time educating his clients every step of the way.

Practicing law for 16 years, Darren Sheehan, owner of Law Offices of Daren E. Sheehan, spends time educating his clients every step of the way.

Clients will never get lost either making their way to the Law Office of Darren E. Sheehan, tucked in Cold Spring Harbor village on Main Street, or throughout a legal campaign. Sheehan, owner of the office, makes sure that, with every case, he educates his clients every step of the way.

“I try to spend a lot of time trying to explain things to clients,” Sheehan, 42, of Huntington, said.

“In the beginning when they first sit down, I give them a folder and, not only do I explain everything verbally, I also give them a hand out sheet so everything that I discuss with them is written down as well because it’s a lot to absorb.”

For 16 years, Sheehan has been practicing law. He graduated from Fairfield University in 1996 with a Bachelor of Arts degree. He went on to earn his juris doctor from St. John’s University School of Law, which he graduated from in 2000.

Sheehan said he was drawn to being an attorney because the profession offers flexibility in terms of the areas one can specialize in.

For Sheehan, he said he primarily works with real estate, dealing with clients who are selling, buying or refinancing residential homes, condos, co-ops and/or commercial properties. He also handles work with small business owners looking to sell, buy, get financing, form partnerships, litigate and more.

Five years ago, Sheehan opened up the 750-square-foot 43 Main St. office.

In addition to being an attorney, Sheehan is an arbitrator, where he settles informal disputes that don’t go to court.

“I love working for myself,” he said. And “I like that I’m close to home. A lot of the clients that I have are local clients from Huntington, Cold Spring Harbor, Lloyd Harbor, Northport [and] Centerport. I always wanted to have that community feel”

Sheehan said he does hope to expand his service into other areas on Long Island. He also operates a satellite office in Melville.

Besides litigation, Sheehan said he has a flat fee and doesn’t charge clients by the hour.

Sheehan said he wants clients to feel comfortable to come to him for help.

With any case, Sheehan reminds his clients that everything will work out.

“It might not be as smooth as you like because there’s so many variables involved but we’ll deal with it and we’ll work it through,” he said. “My best advice for any body, it’s good to sit down with an attorney and educate yourself about different things that might come down the road.”

Sheehan said what he loves that his job allows him the opportunity to help people.

He added, “When you’re working with clients that are buying homes or try to better their businesses, which is how they make a living and provide for their families, that’s a nice feeling.”