Jewelry And A Whole Lot More At This Collection

By Janee Law

  Eileen Pinchuck, owner of Jewelry Collection, is loving life as she stands in her bridal and baby section in her shop on Main Street in Northport.

Eileen Pinchuck, owner of Jewelry Collection, is loving life as she stands in her bridal and baby section in her shop on Main Street in Northport.

Don’t let the sign fool you. Jewelry Collection in Northport offers more than jewelry for the community. Owner Eileen Pinchuck’s store sells a variety of gifts for women and men.

“I’m going to eventually put Jewelry Collection and More,” said Pinchuck, 49, of Northport, adding that the store has been evolving since she started the business eight years ago.

With an eclectic style, Collection offers all types of jewelry, handbags, household ornaments and seasonal accessories, such as sweaters, scarves, socks and hats.

Pinchuck said there’s always competition in the jewelry business. “I try to like keep changing it up and getting new things, and always making sure my customers are happy,” she said.

The store brings in new merchandise every day. It recently added a unisex pine scented candle collection called Frasier Fir, and Mi Moneda, a jewelry line that offers necklace pieces.

The store, located at 75 Main St. in Northport, has a men’s section, offering mugs, wallets, watches and more. It also has a bridal and baby section in the back of the store.

“It’s bridal, baby gifts and people are loving it,” Pinchuck said. For bridal, the section is furnished with cake toppers, picture frames, and wine glasses, while the baby section offers piggy banks, toys and baby shoes.

As the owner and sole employee of the 1,000-square-foot shop, Pinchuck tries to keep up with the latest trends and offers price points for everyone, ranging from $2 to $500.

Pinchuck said trending items include styles with fringe, men and women blessing bracelets and Les Interchangeables bracelets. Lokai bracelets are also popular. For every pink bracelet that is sold, a dollar is donated to the Susan G. Komen Foundation in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

With an eye for merchandise, Pinchuck chooses the store’s variety of styles from 15 sales representatives, at shows, reading gift magazines and swapping ideas from jewelry owners who live outside of New York.

Pinchuck previously worked in the Diamond Exchange in Manhattan for J&H Fryer and then worked for her brother’s jewelry collection in Florida. After moving back to New York in 2005, Pinchuck decided to open up her own store.

Originally from Queens, Pinchuck said she moved to Northport because she loved the village’s quaint atmosphere.

“It’s like a little gem,” she said. “It really is spectacular and there’s no place like it. I’m very fortunate to live and work here.”

Pinchuck said that 90 percent of her customers are local and have been loyal supporters throughout the years.

“I love my customers,” she said. “In a small business you really have to go above and beyond.”

With a good rapport and a successful Facebook and Instagram page for the shop, Pinchuck has shipped merchandise to customers and, at times, kept the store open for those late-night shoppers.

If the shop is having struggles, Pinchuck said she’s a fighter and will never give up on the business.

“I love what I do and when people walk in, they sense it,” she said. “I always say once I get burnt or I’m spent is when it’s over but I don’t think that’s coming soon.”

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