Craftree Offers Creativity One Stitch At A Time

By Janee Law

Kelly Donovan and Jennifer Tullo, co-owners of Craftree, teamed up three years ago after discovering that they shared the same passion in crafting.

Kelly Donovan and Jennifer Tullo, co-owners of Craftree, teamed up three years ago after discovering that they shared the same passion in crafting.

Down a back alley in Huntington village rests Craftree, a creative jewel that fosters a productive and gifted environment for children and adults interested in crafting.

Co-owned by Huntington residents Kelly Donovan and Jennifer Tullo, Craftree offers classes to kids and adults, hosting events like ladies nights, craft workshops, birthday parties, mommy and me workshops and Girl Scout troop workshops.

Serving all ages, Tullo said sewing classes are offered for kids ages 6-8, while 4-year-olds can start with craft classes.

Donovan and Tullo met in 2013 and joined forces after discovering that both shared the same passion for creating.

The duo originally started the business in August 2015 above Little Switzerland Dolls, at 267 Main St. in Huntington village. Donovan said that they decided to move to a different location after outgrowing the space and wanting to be at ground level for added exposure.

Craftree found its new home in October, joining forces with another local business, Mario’s Custom Tailoring, with which it now shares the 7 Green St. space in the village.

Serving the community for 40 years, Rita Aloe said she was going to give up her husband’s business after he died. When Donovan and Tullo stepped in to share the 700-square-foot space with her, she was able to take over her husband’s business, now called Mario Tailor.

“It was nice that we were able to make it work so that Rita could stay and keep the Mario name too, and then for us to teach the next generation to learn how to sew,” Tullo said.

Tullo added that she loves to sew because it’s very rewarding.

“Kelly and I both really have a passion for sewing and crafting and I think we like it because we’re able to introduce new projects all the time and that keeps it fresh for us,” she said. “We like teaching ourselves new things or exploring new projects and we find enjoyment in that.”

She added that it is this need to keep things fresh that makes their business stand out.

“We personally don’t like to repeat stuff because it’s boring to us,” Tullo said. “I think we stand out because we’re constantly changing and updating. We’re adding new things. With our birthday parties for example, we never repeat projects we like to make it unique just for you.”

Donovan said that, along with offering classes, she hopes Craftree can expand to offer a retail aspect as well. She wants to sell homemade items, such as bags, skirts and zipper pouches; sewing kits; and fabrics.

“For me, I feel so fortunate that I found a passion, something that takes me away from my phone and TV,” Donovan said, adding that she loves introducing a new hobby to children. “This is bringing it back to the basics and letting kids get in touch with the creativity that already lives within them.


7 Green St., Huntington