They’re On A Mission To Fix Your Nutrition

Brothers Anthony and Chris Giordano founded Mission Nutrition to share their passion for healthy eating.

Brothers Anthony and Chris Giordano founded Mission Nutrition to share their passion for healthy eating.

By Sophia Ricco

Mission Nutrition hopes to simplify the ever-changing health world by making beneficial choices abundant, and education a staple of every customer’s experience.

The Huntington village health store stocks a wide variety of diet-conscious goods, vitamins and CBD products. Owners and brothers Anthony and Chris Giordano opened Mission Nutrition to share their passion for eating healthy and maintaining one’s body. Initially sellers of vitamins and supplements through Amazon, the brothers felt they could offer more to customers with in-person interactions.

After opening their first store in Hicksville to remarkable success, the brothers brought Mission Nutrition to Huntington, adding a bar for health-conscious drinks.

“We figured why not take a chance and create an experience,” Chris said. “A place where people can come, learn, discover, and interact with supplements and lifestyle changes.”

With an expansive selection for the keto and paleo lifestyle, plant-based protein, natural protein, sports nutrition, personal and beauty care, herbs, herbal tea, vitamins, and supplements, Mission Nutrition stocks the latest products chosen by the Giordanos.

“We’re very passionate about health, the food we eat and our lifestyle,” Chris said. “We live the life.”

The brothers admit they ate plenty of junk food before making the switch to clean eating a few years ago. Once they observed a change in how their bodies felt day to day, they craved more energy and healthier food.

“Running the e-commerce took a lot. It was 12 hour days, six days a week,” Anthony said. “I was always tired. Then I read about different ways to eat and began incorporating them. I felt better and realized there might be something to this. Just to have that extra energy was awesome.”

Giordano wants people of all ages, genders and body types to feel comfortable shopping at Mission Nutrition. When a person visits the store, they may be asked about what they hope to achieve, their eating habits and health needs, before they are steered in the right direction. Giordano never wants anyone to feel pressured, but hopes suggestions simplify a shopping experience.

With no two bodies being the same, every recommendation is personalized, he added.
“We are a supplement and food store, but everything we believe starts with food,” Chris said. “Whether it’s digestion, auto-immune disease, inflammation or obesity, a lot of it stems from what you have been eating your whole life. If we can understand that, then we can help you take a path that changes those eating habits and puts you in a healthier place.”

Mission Nutrition wants to make eating healthy easy, by providing alternatives to people’s favorite snacks, that don’t lack in flavor. As the business has grown, the health market has bloomed and different lifestyles have become more accessible.

“What most people don’t realize is that there are options for everything and this store has it,” Anthony said. “Whether it’s bagels, ice cream, waffles, we are so far ahead of where we have been. It’s amazing, you can have all these treats, that were seen as bad but are now made with whole food ingredients and are delicious.”

They don’t expect people to completely change how they eat in a day, but find small adjustments like taking out gluten or dairy lead to results that motivate.

“It’s a gradual process and a lot of learning,” Chris said. “It’s exploring your body, pulling something out and putting in back in, then seeing how you feel.”

Mission Nutrition advocates for lifestyle changes, as opposed to following a diet. They hope to provide food choices that make it easy for people to sustain these lifestyles for years.

“It’s about making sure it’s the right food, not watching how much or restricting yourself,” Anthony said. “People will crash and burn when they’re not eating enough. They don’t want to be famished, they want to be fed with the right fuel.”

The Giordanos are always on the hunt for new products and feel their selection sets them apart from others. They typically work with innovator companies who push the boundaries on flavor and ingredients.

“We do due diligence with companies: where their products are made and sourced, their insurances, how they’re made,” Chris said. “Mine and Anthony’s experience and backgrounds come from that, so we’re able to scout those products.”

The bar at Mission Nutrition is a hub for discussion where regulars share tips and techniques for eating and lifestyle while enjoying a smoothie or shake. Those following the paleo or keto lifestyle can enjoy bulletproof coffee that is high-fat, low-carb. Or improve the elasticity of hair, skin and nails with the Bad to the Bone smoothie made from chicken bone broth protein that is full of collagen.

“It’s start with what you eat – that’s first – then exercising,” Anthony said. “I tell people, you could do this at age 50, 60 or 70. You could still be doing all the same things but you have to make the change now. It’s all about putting the right things in your body and quality of life getting better.”

307 Main St, Huntington