More Than Jewelry At This Collection

Eileen Pinchuck displays the latest offering from Spartina, the NYC Map Collection at her store in Northport Village.   Long Islander News photo/Pat Mellon

Eileen Pinchuck displays the latest offering from Spartina, the NYC Map Collection at her store in Northport Village.  Long Islander News photo/Pat Mellon

By Pat Mellon

Eileen Pinchuck wants to make sure you remember the more.

The owner of The Jewelry Collection and More on Main Street in Northport Village is quick to remind shoppers in her boutique that there is so much more than jewelry to be seen. In fact, one could argue that there’s actually more than jewelry; the store is practically bursting with inspirational signs, cleverly-worded gifts, and home décor that is both cheerful and sarcastic.

Yes, there are also beautiful earrings, bracelets, and rings, colorful necklaces, brooches, and pins, but like the beyond at Bed, Bath, and Beyond, it’s the more at The Jewelry Collection and More that intrigues. Who can resist the lure of the mysterious more? Is it clothing? Is it candy? Monogrammed wedding cake serving utensils? It could be anything!  And just when you think you’ve seen everything the modestly-sized 1000 sq. ft  store has to offer, there’s a room in the back full of wonderful gifts for newlyweds and newborns, from cake toppers to onesies to heartwarming nursery decorations.

“I like to keep the inventory fresh and interesting, to rotate it and bring in new items as often as I can” Pinchuck said. “So if you were in last month and you didn’t see anything that you liked, you should circle back. You might be surprised.”

A must-visit for all strollers and gift-seekers in the 11768, The Jewelry Collection and More is sure to delight, with scented candles and fluffy socks surrounded by hand-bags (Pinchuck is quick to display the new purses and bags emblazoned with a whimsically-drawn map of NYC) and affirmations-on-things galore, perfect for the hard-to-shop-for group that also appreciates the humor often found in a cutting board with a point of view or a coffee mug that wishes it were a wine glass.

“We have a whole section of gifts for wine-lovers, you know, for the gals,” Pinchuck laughed while holding a clock reading, “WINE THIRTY”.  Because the only thing better than wine is a pun about wine. Sort of like the classic “I’m into fitness…fitness whole beer in my belly” mug, but, you know, with the sophistication that comes from consuming fermented grapes.

The store has been around since 2007 and Pinchuck said every day has been an absolute thrill. “I love Northport and I love my customers,” she beamed, adding that she feels lucky to be able to live and work in such a wonderful community. “There’s really nothing like Northport Village.”

Pinchuck’s previous jewelry experience (she worked at The Diamond Exchange in Manhattan for J&H Fryer before opening on Main Street in Northport) coupled with a personality that can only be described as colorfully enthusiastic, make The Jewelry Collection and More more than just a store.

“I want everyone who comes into the store to feel comfortable and to take their time looking around,” she said. “I love seeing the look on a new customer’s face when they find that perfect gift or that one-of-a-kind item. It’s really why I do this.”

Has online shopping and the convenience of the internet thinned her customer base over the last few years?

“Maybe a little,” she said, “but shopping online is nothing like being there.  Sure, you can buy stuff in your pajamas at 2am but I don’t think online shopping will ever replace visiting the store and actually being able to touch the merchandise before you own it. Besides, we’re not anti-internet. We have a dynamite Instagram. But it’s more fun to come in.”


The Jewelry Collection and More
75 Main Street Northport