Learn A Skill For Any Occasion At Fred Astaire

By Connor Beach

Olga and Sasha Bylim

Olga and Sasha Bylim

Veteran dance instructors Olga and Sasha Bylim have been teaching students of all ability levels how to dance for over two decades, and the pair recently brought their experience and skill to Huntington.

The Bylims took over the Huntington Station Fred Astaire Dance Studio with fellow dance instructor Dimitriy Saykovskyy in February where they offer ballroom dance lessons to students of all ages and ability levels.

Sasha Bylim, originally from Ukraine, said he started working as an instructor for Fred Astaire 22 years ago. He and his wife Olga were appointed as the Long Island area developers for the national dance studio franchise eight years ago, and have since helped in the creation of studios in Huntington, Manhasset and Smithtown.

Bylim said they took over direct control of the Huntington location because the previous franchisee left the industry to spend more time with her family.

Bylim said the professional dance instructors at the Fred Astaire Dance Studio can help clients learn to dance for any special occasion or just as a form of exercise.

“People come to us when someone is getting married or when their kids are getting married,” Bylim said. “We had a client who went on a cruise and realized that there were many opportunities to dance.”

Dancing is a life skill that is useful and fun at any age, and Bylim said it is also very good for cardio and balance.

He said, “Predominantly the average age of the clientele base here is probably 50 years old, but the range of the customers we have is anywhere from 20-80.”

Although there are as many as 20 different types of ballroom dances that the instructors at Fred Astaire are qualified to teach, Bylim said there are six to eight dances that everyone should know.

“There are a group of core dances. If you know those, then you will be able to dance to any type of music,” Bylim said.

The Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Huntington is currently offering a special where new customers can get two private lessons and a practice party for $100.

Bylim said the deal is perfect for anyone interested in learning to dance “to come in and see how good we are.”