The Comfort Of Care In Your Own Home

The TLC Companions team is committed to assisting their clients, whatever their needs may be.

The TLC Companions team is committed to assisting their clients, whatever their needs may be.

By Sophia Ricco

Those in need of care looking for an alternative to assisted living homes can retain their freedom in the comfort of their home with the help of TLC Companions.

The home health care company takes care the elderly and those with disabilities, by having full service non-medical companions that aid clients in their own homes. TLC Companions is based out of Bethpage, Forest Hills, and Trinity, Florida, providing service to the surrounding areas.

“Our company offers our clients the peace of mind that their loved one is being taken care of while they are not around,” James Leddy, Director of Marketing for TLC said.

TLC ensures that they only hire the “best in the business” and take great pride in their employees. Before hiring a companion, TLC will run a full background check and conduct thorough interviews. Employees are also bonded and insured to avoid any concerns of liability. Each companion represents the companies values and shows respect to those they care for.

“Many of our companions have been working for TLC for several years, so we know them very well,” Leddy said. “We trust them to take of our own family members and you should too.”

An array of services are offered by companions to assist their clients‘ daily lives, including light housekeeping services, assistance with daily tasks, meal preparation, medication reminders, assistance with errands and friendship. Even if a companion is not there, TLC is available to help no matter the hour.

“We at TLC Companions go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that our clients are taken care of,” Leddy said. “Since we are a family run business, it is easy for us to relate with the families of our clients and provide a more personal touch.”

TLC works around their clients needs in the comfort of their house, and considers it a person’s “basic right” to choose their surroundings.

“At home, you are the boss and you can enjoy the fruits of your decades of labor,” Leddy said. “Who wouldn’t prefer staying in the comfort of their own home?”

TLC Companions offer different options for care based on a client’s circumstances. If a person only needs assistance during the day and a family member takes over at night, they provide hourly care. If a person needs support at all hours, live-in companions can sleep at the home and be available when called upon or provide constant coverage. Through their care, companions will establish a relationship with their client.


“By spending an extended time with someone in their home, it seems natural that people would begin to get along and enjoy each other’s company,” Leddy said. “For a lot of our clients, the companion that they work with is often the person they see the most, so it makes everyone’ life more enjoyable if they are friendly with each other.”

For the many seniors they serve, it is important to experience social interaction and avoid loneliness. Companions hope to become true friends with those they care for, helping to improve their mental health.

“Beyond care, our companions provide just what their name entails; companionship,” Leddy said. “Companionship is a necessary thing to have in this life. When someone gets older, it becomes harder for them to have people to hang out with. Our companions fill that void that is missing.”

TLC can serve any need, from companions joining their clients at weddings to short-term relief when a family travels on vacation and their loved one cannot attend.

“A companion from TLC can be used to provide care while the family is gone,” Leddy said. “We are always able to work in a way that is best for our clients and fulfills their needs as best as possible.”

Long Island-based TLC Companions is looking to grow to more markets in New Jersey and Florida.

“If a client ever asks us to do something for them we always do our best to make sure their need is met,” Leddy said. “As a full service companion agency, we want to make sure that all of clients are as comfortable as they possibly can be in their own home.

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