‘New Kids’ Put Unique Twist On Real Estate Biz

By Janee Law


  Jerry Gucciardo and son Chris make building rapport, sales, and marketing an important aspect of their realty business.

Jerry Gucciardo and son Chris make building rapport, sales, and marketing an important aspect of their realty business.

Father-son duo Jerry and Chris Gucciardo may be considered by some as the “new kids on the block,” but their 2.5-year-old Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate – Atlantic Shores is raising eyebrows due to its unique ability to incorporate construction into real estate.

The Huntington-based franchise of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate can alter homes to satisfy customers’ wants and needs, and spruce up properties before they hit the open market through collaboration with Atlantic Shores Builders and Developers, a development company started 32 years ago by Jerry Gucciardo, who is now president of the franchise.

Chris Gucciardo, executive vice president of the franchise, said he’s been approached by real estate agents interested to learn more about the process, which typically becomes “an ingredient that they now can never see the business being without,”

The pair, along with Vice President Jamie Cordts, Jerry’s daughter, operates offices at 156 E Main St. in Huntington, and another at 4A Jackson Ave. in Syosset, servicing markets across the Town of Huntington, and all of Long Island, with a total of 50 real estate agents. Jamie Cordts, Jerry’s daughter, is also vice president of the franchise. They first bought the name in September 2013 from Realogy and Meredith Corp, which publishes Better Homes and Gardens magazine.

“It was pretty obvious decision that Better Homes and Gardens was the way that we wanted to go to do the brand with the fact that it’s a recognized company,” Chris Gucciardo said. “You have Realogy, who's the 800-pound gorilla when comes to sales, and then you have Better Homes and Gardens magazine, who are marketing geniuses – put that together and now the rapport is on us.”

Chris Gucciardo, 31, of Fort Salonga, said the franchise prides itself on not just being “there for the transaction, but we’re there for what happens after the sale because you want to continue that relationship forever.”

In addition to helping their clients build a lifestyle, Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate – Atlantic Shores also contributes to the community as a whole by giving back to local charities, particularly Pink Tie, a Melville-based organization that gives 100 percent of its proceeds to several causes.

Along with regularly sponsoring their events, Chris Gucciardo said a portion of money earned during a transaction will be donated to the nonprofit through the franchise’s give-back program.

“It’s important to be a part of the community, but also to give back. That’s an important aspect of what we do,” Chris Gucciardo said.

He cited “P.A.I.G.E.” as the franchise’s five core values: passion, authenticity, innovation, growth and excellence. Chris Gucciardo, winner of the Long Island Board Of Realtors Young Professional Network Top 20 Under 40 Rising Stars in Real Estate award in June 2015, said it’s important to make the experience of selling a house enjoyable.

Added Jerry Gucciardo, “There’s a big difference between somebody who wants to sell a house to make money or someone who wants to sell a house just simply to make someone happy. We come to make a living but if you sincerely want to make people happy you do business differently.

“That’s all there is to it.”

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