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Hundreds Line Streets For Huntington Awareness Day  

Summer heat made a special appearance on Saturday as hundreds heated up the streets of Huntington Station for the fifth annual Huntington Awareness Day parade and street fair, a celebration of “unity in the community” in Huntington Station.

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CSH Heads To The Silver Screen  

The football field, lockers and library are among the areas of Cold Spring Harbor High School that moviegoers may notice on the big screen come 2015, thanks to an agreement between the school district and Laika Productions, LLC.

The Cold Spring Harbor Board of Education voted Tuesday night to approve the signing of a contract that will allow for the shooting of scenes from a film called “Louder Than Bombs,” starring Jesse Eisenberg, Gabriel Byrne and Isabelle Huppert, on the grounds of the district’s high school – a deal that will bring the district not only screen time, but $5,000 for each of five scheduled shooting days.

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Whitman's Boyhood Home Honored  

The boyhood home of iconic Long Island poet and journalism trailblazer Walt Whitman will be, by week’s end, designated as a literary landmark – and to the advocates seeking to preserve and enhance the birthplace, those words have great value.

The birthplace of the founding publisher of The Long-Islander is set to be dedicated by the American Library Association’s United for Libraries division as a literary landmark during a special ceremony starting at 2 p.m. Sept. 5.

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Apartments Planned Above Red Restaurant 

Plans to build new apartments atop retail buildings keep on coming in Huntington village.

A proposal by applicant Lupetti Ltd., the owners of the 417 New York Ave. building which is home to Nino Antuzzi’s Red restaurant, calls for adding a second, residential story to the structure.

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Out Of Prison, On Democratic Committee  

Nathaniel Ham - the disgraced former head of the Huntington Housing Authority who was released from federal prison in May after being convicted of  bribery and money laundering charges - is now on the ballot this Tuesday to become a Huntington Town Democratic Committeeman.

Read on for the full story of how Ham has gone from a businessman, to a convict - and now to a political hopeful!

Upping The Ante On The Ice Bucket Challenge

The art of the “epic ice bucket challenge” has reached Huntington in a big way.

Whether by calling out entire businesses, dousing entire marching bands or employing backhoes and dump trucks to complete the challenge, the tactics have grown more elaborate and theatrical – and the money keeps arriving in waves for the ALS Foundation!

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