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Recent Stories:

Legislator Partners To Ban Powdered Caffeine Sales To Minors

A deadly new drug is being sold freely to local minors - and it's something you would probably never think twice about normally.

Powdered caffeine, while technically legal, can be lethal in doses starting at a mere teaspoon's worth, and can cause convulsions, irregular rapid heartbeat, and vomiting - even in the tiniest of quantities.

Read on to learn the measures local legislators are taking to try and stop the sale of this drug to minors in our community, as soon as possible!


Suit: District Stonewalled Us

Local mother Mona Conway is suing the Northport-East Northport School district over allegations that the district denied her teenage son adequate special-education services at Northport High School as he was afflicted with a number of painful, chronic ailments.

Read on to learn the full story, including why Ms. Conway believes so strongly that her son was wronged, and how the school district has responded to her allegations so far.

Hundreds Mourn Death Of Fallen Football Player

Hundreds recently gathered to mourn the recent death of high school football player Tom Cutinella.

Tuesday’s funeral Mass followed a wake over the weekend in which friends, family, and many others lined up to pay their respects.

Read on to learn more about Cutinella, his legacy, and the impact he had on those who knew him.

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