Nassau Police Say Mangano Was Victim Of Social Media Impersonation Attempt

Nassau police reported the details of an unusual incident they say occurred on Feb. 4, 2016 when Nassau Executive Edward Mangano was allegedly the victim of social media impersonation attempts.

According to police, Mangano became aware of the spoofing attack after his staff received information from Karin Caro, a public relations consultant, who also reported being victimized by the spoof.

CBS New York provided police with a document from an anonymous source in what appears to be a cut and paste of a text from an “Ed M.” and tweet from Karin Caro, which she denies ever sending. Both parties said they have no record of such text or tweet and police reviewed its social media monitor, which routinely monitors the county executive’s account, and also has no such record of any tweet. In addition, Karin Caro has stated that she never had such communication with Mangano, nor does she have his cell phone number.

Police said the department’s Intelligence Unit, in coordination with the Electronics Squad, is actively investigating this matter.