Movie To Film In Dix Hills

By Arielle Dollinger


In the 14 years that Caasi Harris has been living on Astro Place – a quiet Dix Hills street not far from the library and the high school – she and her family have lived relatively undisturbed by the likes of Hollywood hotshots.

And then she read a letter in her mailbox, which explained that Nest Film Productions LLC was looking to film a movie with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler called “The Nest” in a house like hers.

“They came in and looked at my house and took pictures,” Harris said. “And then they came back another day and they were looking at the backyard and the pool, and they came with the director and a few other important people from the movie.”

She has not heard from them since; the “important people” have decided to film at an empty house around the corner, she said. But still, Harris said it was exciting.

“This is one of the most exciting things to happen on our street,” she said. “I’m looking forward to it… They seem to have put in lots of palm trees and Spanish moss on all the trees and I believe it’s supposed to be Florida.”

According to Harris, the letter she found in her mailbox said that the film would tell the story of characters who wanted to have one last big party before their parents sold their childhood home.

Filming on Astro Place and Etna Lane is set for eight days between June 10 and July 7, according to a letter sent to residents along with the company’s request that residents do not use lawnmowers during filming due to the noise. Many scenes involve exterior shots, however, and will be dependent upon the weather.

“We may ask to hold vehicular and pedestrian traffic flow for short periods of time during filming,” the letter reads, noting that residents should make an effort to exit their neighborhood a certain way during filming times.

The production company said in the letter that it will do its best to minimize impact on the neighborhood. NBC Universal representatives did not provide comment before press time on Monday.