Long Islander News’ Huntington Weekly Coming Soon

In the weeks ahead, we will be launching Long Islander News’ Huntington Weekly, a new publication featuring stories focused on the Town of Huntington’s lively arts and entertainment scene, business and non-profits and its comprehensive calendar of events and things to do.

Huntington Weekly is part of our plan to return our flagship newspaper, The Long-Islander, to a newspaper that provides townwide coverage.

Both the Half Hollow Hills Newspaper and The Northport Record will be merged with The Long-Islander. The entire township, including the hamlets of Dix Hills, Melville, West Hills and Wheatley Heights, will be part of The Long-Islander’s coverage area. Subscribers to the Half Hollow Hills Newspaper will begin receiving The Long-Islander instead.

Our largest paper, The Long-Islander, is known for providing greater depth of coverage to townwide issues, particularly coverage of local government. In addition, we find that our readers’ interest naturally extends to neighboring communities.

We are not reducing our coverage of any areas, we are including it in an expanded version of The Long-Islander.