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Travel Agent Tells Stories In New Book

After spending 60 years in the travel industry, Larry Austin’s résumé reads more like a movie script – actually, make that several movie scripts.

Comedy? His misunderstanding in Bermuda.

Action thriller? Evacuating clients of his from Iran.

Drama? Having a breath-taking surprise waiting for him at his flight gate.

Read on to learn more about Austin's amazing life and his autobiography, "...And Away We Went!"

Butterfly Zoos, Fairy Gardens And Farms - Oh My!

From the road, Huntington’s Main Street Nursery looks to be just as its name suggests – a nursery, florist and gift store – but there is whimsy behind its quotidian façade.

On its grounds, behind the florist and store, are a café, a small animal farm and a butterfly zoo, and so much more!

Read on to learn about just some of the magical secrets hidden within Main Street Nursery's grounds that you can find!

Making Business Strides With Strollers

On certain mornings, strollers and smiling toddlers overtake a patch of grass at Heckscher Park to take part in Fit4Mom's exercise regimen.

Instead of weights, participants in the fitness class – a class termed “Stroller Strides” – hold their babies. For one hour, mothers use their strollers and the environment for not only their babies but also their own well-being.

Read on to learn how this business has not only given mothers great work outs, but also given mothers camaraderie with other mothers, and their babies new friendships with each other!